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•Eater 🍩 •Lifelover 😋 •Laughter 💓 • +60🇲🇾

The first and last time 👻💕
Great memories💕 #210917 #swipetoright👉
I want you to be happy. But i want to be the reason.❓💓
Life isn't perfect but your outfit can be 👻✨
高端 ,不会在意低端怎么闹。你有本事 就来高端跟老子玩。🌚 #takenby #daddy
Eric Chou -永不失联的爱👻💓 #boygod #pianocover
The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra👻
Silent is not empty. It is full of answer.
Stop putting limits on your life, you are worth everything🌚 #throwback
最感谢就是那些 担心我吃不饱 唠叨我睡不好 还看得出我逞强的人 💓👻 #tgif
我知道我能力不及野心所以我在努力🌚 #sundaybelike
人只有在喜欢的东西才会特别上心 💓✨🌚
Before the day ends,just wanna say how much this guy here means to me🌸Always tolerating with all my shit💩💩Thanks for being patient to me all the time👦🏼5years and still counting on 😍Wish you getting more lengzaii and happy birthday to you🌚👻 #birthdayboy
The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people said you cannot do 🌚
Be the best or be like the rest, you decide.
有时候,我们必须闭上嘴,放下骄傲,承认是自己错了。这不是认输,而是成长。 ​ ​​​🌚
No matter how u feel, get up, dress up, show up & never give up 🌸
相见的机会难得 所以会很珍惜每一次见面💙 #trip #ended #270617