See how our #CreatorsforChange ambassadors @CameoProject are educating young students about the importance of creating positive content →

“We are trying our best to show people that Indonesia is a multicultural nation.” Introducing @CameoProject, a collective of Indonesian comedians who use laughter to affect positive change and spread awareness about problems their country faces. Through comedy skits, vlogs, news spots, and musical spoofs, each member of this diverse group works hard to challenge taboos and question the status quo, all while putting a smile on your face. As #CreatorsforChange, Cameo has partnered with an NGO called “Maarif Institute” that has a wide network of students across the country. Together they aim to educate high school and university students in 10 cities in Indonesia about the importance of creating positive content. Click the link in our bio to see their #CreatorsforChange project.
Meet Humza Arshad ( @humzaproduction). He’s a comedian, actor and #CreatorsforChange ambassador and he's at the #CreatorSummit in Rio discussing the ways he uses his platform to tackle issues like extremism and islamophobia. Humza tours schools across the U.K to speak to kids about embracing their identities and countering hate.
Spotted: Our #CreatorsforChange fellows, @rightinthenads, @myles376 and @khanstopme are at #SitC2017 discussing the importance of using their channels to effect social change and to help people within their community.
Last night at the YouTube Space LA @iisuperwomanii x Creator Talks came together to chat all things #GirlLove in support of ending girl on girl hate. 💕 👯‍ 💕 #regram
Dina Tokio is a #CreatorsforChange ambassador and @kashmea.w is a 12-year-old app innovator. Both are striving to impact change and help others. “Yesterday I met a 12 yr old GENIUS! @kashmea.w Like for real, an actual genius, in fact I felt a little intimidated especially when she talked me through the app she's created! @specialluk specialising in helping people with disabilities & allergies” Photo by @dinatokio
We’re hosting a series of panels and workshops to foster a safe and exciting web where young people can be creative, express themselves and belong. Our latest meet-up just went down and guess who showed up … “MAD day hosting the incredible CEO of YouTube Susan Wojciki for a panel discussion on Identity and the Internet. Made even better when sh'boy @humzaproduction makes a guest appearance. Trying our best not to crack inappropriate jokes, before Susan deletes off the Internet. Raaasssssss. #creatorsforchange” - Nadir Nahdi Photo via @rightinthenads
Trans activist and creator from Fox & Owl, Ugla Stefanía ( @uglastefania) is fighting for change within the LGBTQIA community. “Today we went to 10 Downing Street for an LGBTQIA reception and listened to Theresa May give a speech on equality. During her speech she mentioned transphobic bullying being a serious problem and that the Gender Recognition Act (2004) was being reviewed. Afterwards we had a brief chat with her about non binary legal recognition and the importance of non binary inclusion in the law.“ Photo by @uglastefania
@DuaLipa is rewriting the rules once again! Due to popular demand she’s extending #DuasNewRules to reach even more fans. Check out dualoves.com for more!
“The greatest power I've ever witnessed are in the voices of those who are unheard by the masses.” - @iisuperwomanii #regram
They're not here to be humble. From executive producers @channingtatum & @jennadewan, freestyle to the first look at #StepUpSeries on the @StepUpSeries page.
Raise your ✋ if you can do a yoga pose while playing 🎻 🙏🙏🙏 @lindseystirling #regram
If you've never been to #Pride, let these creators show you London's Parade on our insta story! So #ProudToBe with this community yesterday. 💕🏳️‍🌈
“Courage is being yourself everyday in a world that tells you to be someone else.” - @kingsleyyy 🏳️‍🌈 #regram
#CreatorsForChange are changing the world through video and forming a community in the process 🌏❤️
Welcome to Atlanta and the next generation of #StepUp. The new @StepUpSeries is coming to #YTRedOriginals this fall. #StepUpSeries
"I'm #ProudToBe because for my first Pride as an out bisexual, I decided to take the pain and confusion I felt while coming to terms with my sexuality and create a short film about the experience. Carrie Fisher once said "Take your broken heart, make it into art" and I did just that because I want to help young queer kids realize that they are not alone, their feelings are valid, and they are so loved." - @itsjennalarson
“I’ll never forget standing at the base of the steps of the United States Supreme Court in 2015 when they ruled in favor of the freedom to marry. I was so #ProudToBe following in the footsteps of the people who fought to make that day possible.” - @shanebitneycrone
#ProudToBe a Transgender Dad. I thought my bravest and proudest moment in my life was when I made the decision to stop hiding and live my authentic life, Transitioning from female to male. Then my son was born, becoming a father was something I never thought was possible for me, That became the proudest moment of my life. My wife and I decided to share our story on our Youtube channel Itslex_ with the goal to show other trans men and women that love and a family are possible. Never stop fighting for your happiness and always be true to yourself.” - @supaloco & @itslex__
➡️❤️➡️💛➡️💚➡️💙➡️💜➡️ Swipe to read how @rupaulofficial, @patrickstarrr, @tyleroakley, @itsjennalarson, @weirdnorwegianv, and @nowthisisliving are #ProudToBe every single day. Link to the full video in our bio.
@PooBear and @FrankieNeedles ✅ Career advice ✅ Photo goals ✅ #YouTubeLatino