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I literally detest pictures of myself. I almost didn't post this because the pose looks terrible and my form is all wrong. The self criticism, disgust, can't I do better voice crept in. Then, I just said "stop". This attitude isn't yoga. This isn't about the perfect half moon pose or the perfect filter. It's about #yogaforptsd2017 challenge, day 6. Remembering why I'm taking part in this challenge and how it's not about me. It's about PTS sufferers. So, here it is. My imperfect, yes I'm wearing the same clothes, to hell with it, half moon pose. Namaste. 🙏
Day 5 of #yogaforptsd2017 challenge is bridge pose! This pose is great for strengthening lower back and prepping for wheel pose, my nemesis 😜! Yoga teaches me how to walk through the fear, breathe through the fear, feel the fear. But do it anyways! Kudos to all those PTS sufferers who are currently facing their fears, and crossing the bridge to faith. #bridgepose #feelthefear @ski_yoga_guy @yoga_megan @buterflisoldier @yoga_at_a_glance
Highlight of his night. Not sure which guy was cuter! 😜👍 #donttellmyhusband #firetrucks #streetparty
Day 4 of #yogaforptsd2017 challenge is cat pose! Not to be left out, my little monster gave me a kiss while I went into #catpose This is a gentle backbend that goes a long way in releasing tension, especially in the neck and spine. This is a great way to restore emotional balance when you synchronize breath and movement. Happy Thursday!
What better way to celebrate international yoga day than practising Day 3 of #yogaforptsd2017 challenge! Today's pose is standing side arm bend or tadasana pose! As you can see, I don't look very graceful but there's a lot of joy in reaching, stretching, and most of all, smiling at my little sidekick. What I like most about this pose is the sense of lengthening my body and reaching out above me. PTS can live in the body, showing up as tense and tight muscles, stiff joints, and overall lack of lightness. Yoga allows for a release of tightness - both mental and physical - which is highly restorative and therapeutic. May we all find a sense of ease and light in our body. Special thanks to @ski_yoga_guy @yoga_at_a_glance @yoga_megan @buterflisoldier
Just because she makes me so happy. ❤️👍
Day 2 of yoga for #yogaforptsd2017 challenge is mountain pose. I love this pose because it symbolizes strength and looking up to what's possible. I chose to do this pose with a slight variation and with my little belle, Isabel. There was a time in my life when I never thought children were in my future, nor did I feel powerful or in control of anything. But at this later stage of the game, not only do I stand up strong for her, but I also stand up for me. People with PTSD often don't feel in control and that can be a frightening proposition, often leading to depression or anger. Yoga has taught me about letting go, practising perfect patience, and the art of surrender. It is my hope to teach my little young warrior to stand up strong, use her voice, and rise up to the challenge we simply call, life. Special thanks and gratitude to @ski_yoga_guy @yoga_megan @yoga_at_a_glance
Day 1 of the June PTSD Awareness Yoga Challenge. Thanks to Yoga John for reminding me of the importance of breath and how quickly it can bring a monkey mind back to stillness. Anxiety is one of the symptoms of PTSD and bringing it back to breathing in and breathing out is one technique I use to still a racing pulse. #breatheinbreatheout #ptsdawareness #breathe @ski_yoga_guy @buterflisoldier #yogaforptsd2017
Kicking it cocktails...
Happy father's day to this badass. #lovehim #babydaddy
I'm officially tipsy
I love this place!
And so it begins... #thornbury @ski_yoga_guy
Road tripping with this little sass pot! 😍 #roadtrip
It's been one of those days. I'm drinking alone. Don't judge me. 🍷🤐🤓
Yes! If we only lived and breathed this belief on a daily basis... #truth #keepingitreal