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Went to see the Robot exhibit @sciencemuseum today - excellent stuff! This guy's a Robo-Thespian - his Hamlet was marvellous! 🤖 #thousandnaturalshocks #mustbeashortcircuit
I can flyyyyyyy! - oh no, wait... 🕴🏻🦅🌊👿
Throwback to being kicked off a bridge! 😮⚔️
Throwback! Me and my wonderful silly siblings :) From left: William Brown (me); Violet Elizabeth Bott; Robert Brown
London ❤️
Wrapped, packed and soon to be flying! Toronto, you have been beautiful. London, I have missed you! ✈️
Last pic of the shoot I did with @kitkatsmeow ! Check out my twitter for a higher res version!
Lunch in the sunshine ☀️
Here's another from the shoot with @kitkatsmeow - braving the cold! 📸
Having a GREAT time in Toronto! 🎥 Not a bad sight to see before a night shoot! 🌅
Toronto Island airport this morning! Off for a weekend away to NYC!!! 🗽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Pretty much the same reaction I had when the Prosecco was brought out...
Here's another by the fab @yakubmerchant for @1883magazine ! 📸
By the awesome @yakubmerchant for @1883magazine