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GIVEAWAY 💥 from @luckyhoneystyle! ••• It's fitness Friday and those socks are giving me major ballerina vibes 👯 That means it's time for an amazing chance to win The Lucky Honey Pack of two pairs of barre socks - perfects for your work outs! ••• To win: 1. Like this photo 2. Follow @luckyhoneystyle That's it!!! Good luck!
One more for world turtle day! 💙🐢
La Mer Wave Walk ♥️ ••• In NYC right now, Project O has brought together some of the world’s most influential artists, designers and culture-makers to create their own wave-inspired, charitable works of art to raise awareness for ocean conservation. ••• To find out more visit: http://m.cremedelamer.com/nyc-wave-walk
TODAY IS WORLD TURTLE DAY! 🐢 ••• After getting to be up close and personal with turtles (that's me and @lavert1990 snorkeling with them in Mexico!), I realized these animals are beautiful ♥️ It's amazing to watch them glide through the water effortlessly due to their amazing strength, and while they're still wild animals they can be just as curious about you as you are about them when you're swimming together. ••• World turtle day was started in 1990 by the American Tortoise Rescue and if you want to help save these animals check them out at @tortoiserescue!
Thoughts and prayers for those effected by the Manchester attack ♥️ ••• "Terrorism does not descriminate by race, ethnicity or region. Instead, terrorists indiscriminately target those seeking to live a peaceful, loving and free life." - Allyson Swartz
Starting off Monday with a bang 💥 after meeting the amazingly talented @tashoakley and @devinbrugman, the creators and designers of @abikiniaday 👙 and the new @mondayactive line! If you haven't checked out this activewear line yet, you should because the quality and fit are amazing! ♥️
B R O O K L Y N ✨
When you're THIS happy to be home in NYC 🌸
🌅 Brooklyn, they go hard 🌅
Beachy ☀️ and with that... back to NYC 🗽
Gettin' my kicks on Route 66 🛣
Always checking out the art 💡 #BrightIdeas
But...Tom Cruise...where you at? 👽Also everyone watch the @hbo documentary "Going Clear" on Scientology
🍣 + 🍩 = ♥️
New. Favorite. Spot. In. LA ☀️