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Maestro...go ahead and take the final bow on an amazing Austria trip 🇦🇹 I'll definitely be back, this city is one of my top five favorites!!
Had the most amazing night at the Mozart concert in Vienna 💥 It's amazing enough to make the list of 1,000 things to do before you die and is a must see in Austria!
Magic hour and finding snacks at the amazing Naschmarkt with local vendors ✨
Trying the famous Sacher Torte 🍰
⚜️See yourself in Vienna ⚜️
It's good luck to rub him...I'll let you figure out where 😂
This palace and Versailles are tied for the best in Europe I've seen!! Fun fact: this is Marie Teresa's palace whose the mother of Marie Antoinette (of Versailles) ⚜️
The first European cafe, ever. They figured out how to make coffee after the second defeat of the Ottoman Turks (and personally - thank god they did!) ☕️🙌
The architecture everywhere in Vienna is phenomenal 💥
SO excited to have seen the Dancing Horses!! The horses are beautiful, poised, graceful, and the arena is stunning ✨🐎
As I'm sure all of you know by now - I love a good read (especially when on a Euro Trip 🤗)! That's why I'm so excited to be partnering with @bookofthemonth through the holiday season to share some exclusives on their picks and extras!! The first exclusive is Sleeping Beauties by Steven King!! 🦋 ••• @bookofthemonth is offering SLEEPING BEAUTIES by Stephen King, as an extra in October! If you are not yet a member, get this book free when you join for two or three months with code KING! If you are a member, pre-order SLEEPING BEAUTIES for only $9.99 today!
Amazing views ✔️ Amazing dinner cruise (thanks for the recs @samgeida) ✔️ Amazing day in Budapest ✔️
A little fancier than NYC, but I'll take it ☕️
Visiting the famous lions of the Chain Bridge in Budapest 💥
Such a beautiful photography spot 🛁📷✨ #RubADubDub #AllThePeopleInOneTub
Welcome to Budapest! 🇭🇺
If your city has something cool and book related, it's guaranteed I'll be there taking pictures of it💥🙌📚
Trdelník: cinnamon dough cone filled with ice cream🍦or whipped cream and strawberries 🍓A must try in Prague!!
My last day with my favorite travel companion ♥️😭