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White rhino populations around the globe have been severely threatened by poaching, with hundreds killed each year by illegal hunters. Tinder is hoping to raise awareness about northern white rhinos with its new profile for Sudan, the last living male northern white rhino. The animals are killed for their horns, which are traded illegally and used in traditional Asian medicines to treat a range of illnesses. They're particularly vulnerable to poaching because they're relatively unaggressive and travel in herds. #JoinTheHerd #SayNoToPoaching #WorthMoreAlive #WhenTheBuyingStopsTheKillingCanToo #Rhino #Rhinos
Three arrested in possession of pangolins worth 6 million Uganda Shillings on April 24th. The suspects are currently being interrogated at Abim Police Station and will be charged with Unlawful possession of a protected species and Conspiracy to commit a felony. #SayNoToPoaching #Pangolin #Pangolins #WhenTheBuyingStopsTheKillingCanToo #Repost @coralandoak
A little cute to help you get through your Wednesday! #pangolin #saynotopoaching #cutealert #Repost @thedodo with @repostapp ・・・ This baby pangolin was only 2-3 weeks old when she was found without her mother and brought to @phnomtamao wildlife rescue center. 💔 Very few facilities have ever hand raised a pangolin, so send her and the rescuers your love and strength! ❤️💪🏽 #SavePangolins #Pangolin  #wildliferescue (📷: @wildlife_alliance)
We are so proud to count you among our #herd @shannon__wild !! #jointheherd #saynotopoaching #saynotoivory #elephants #elephant #Repost @shannon__wild with @repostapp ・・・ Poaching elephants for ivory has risen to historical levels over the last several years. In 2013 alone, at least 33,000 elephants were illegally killed, equating to one elephant every 16 minutes. At these rates, a world without elephants in our lifetime is a possibility. . One of the many reasons I'm proud to be a @WildAid ambassador is their mission to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes, and work towards a world where people no longer buy wildlife products such as shark fin, elephant ivory and rhino horn. @WildAid works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products by persuading consumers and strengthening enforcement. . This is just one of the incredible conservation organizations the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation supports. . Visit @wildaid and @leonardodicaprio to learn more. . Nikon D800 + 70-200mm f4 1/500sec ISO280
Monday feels 😴. #jointheherd #worthmorealive #elephant #elephants #saynotoivory #saynotopoaching #Repost @africansforelephants with @repostapp ・・・ There should be a law which allows you to sit on your friends when they are about to make a terrible decision! 😊😊😊 Picture by Julie Lindenmayer taken in Tanzania #Elephants #Elephant #AntiPoaching #StopPoaching #ElephantLove #SaveElephants #SaveTheElephants #Elefantes #WildAid #dswt #AfricanElephant #AsianElephant #TuskerDay #Elefante #BanIvory
World Heritage sites function as the last stronghold for many critically endangered species, and unless protected within World Heritage sites, they will go extinct. According to a new report, Elephant poaching occurs in over 60% of the World Heritage sites containing African and Asian elephants. Threatened species, such as elephants, rhinos and tigers, were being “illegally harvested” in 45 per cent of World Heritage sites, “the pinnacle of the world’s protected areas”. To figure out how you can help visit: wildaid.org/elephants
Happy #EarthDay! DYK: #Ocean covers 71% of our planet. We’re protecting this precious resource. Learn more at http://buff.ly/2pOtsev #EarthDay2017
Calling all animal lovers yogis, hikers & well.. everyone, check out our #everydayisearthday @teespring fundraiser for #vaquita conservation. ____________________________________ The world’s smallest porpoise, the Mexican vaquita, is on the brink of extinction with less than 30 left. Your #SaveTheVaquita shirt or tote bag supports WildAid’s marine program and Monitoreo Vaquita as we train Mexican fishermen to find and rescue the vaquita. Help us spread the word! #vaquita #savethevaquita #savethevaquitas #vaquitas #OceanConservation bit.ly/2pnfS4X
This #EarthDay remember our #oceans . Thriving #oceans provide jobs & food. We’re protecting fisheries, habitats & endangered species from threats. #EarthDay #marineconservation Regram to support the 1 million species that live in the #ocean
BREAKING NEWS! China Southern Airlines, the mainland’s biggest carrier, has banned shark fin shipments and promised to “actively participate” in animal conservation. The decision is significant as the company is based in Guangzhou, the world’s largest trading hub for the delicacy, and it narrows the options for Chinese importers. It means that 51 per cent of international airlines, based on seat capacity, have now banned the cargo. Flag carrier Air China had already banned shark fin, leaving just China Eastern among the big three state-owned airlines yet to declare a position.⠀ __________________________________________________________________________⠀ In a letter to WildAid Hong Kong, seen by the Post and confirmed by the airline, China Southern’s vice-president Han Wensheng said the company “attached great importance to the issue” and had “taken immediate action”. " #FinBanNow #SharkFin #Sharks #Shark #SharkConservation #Oceans #OceanConservation #SayNoToSharkFinSoup⠀ __________________________________________________________________________⠀ Read More: http://buff.ly/2pX2UqI
The tide is beginning to turn for sharks 🦈 Consumption of shark fin soup in China is down by 80%. Imports, sales and prices have also decreased. This is great news for the 100 million sharks killed unsustainably each year in our oceans. #FinBanNow #shark #sharkfin #Sharks #saynotosharkfinsoup #marineconservation #oceans #ocean #OceanConservation
There’s been a lot of bad news about #rhinos lately. But we have reason for hope! 🦏 Poaching was down slightly in South Africa last year. And the price of illicit rhino horn has dropped by half. That’s because people are learning that rhino horn isn’t miracle medicine, it’s made of similar stuff as our fingernails. #Rhino #RhinoHorn #SayNoToPoaching #JoinTheHerd #Repost @rhinosurfer with @repostapp ・・・ Perfect day to submerge, low 80's on the shore in April but you know global warming is a myth... #not 👣🐾 Surf more, stress less. Do good. Save the rhinos, wear something that matters. 🦏