Natasha @wattleflatfarm

Mum , wife , me ! 4acres in southern Fleurieu peninsular South Aus . Renovating our 1860's farm cottage 🏑 follow me also @crochetatwattleflatfarm

That pig of a husband made me have a nanna nap ! Yup he wrapped me up like a baby in my fur blanket , pushed me onto the couch and said " NAP " . How dare he right ?! So rude πŸ˜‰ Now I'm trying to wake myself up , waiting for this spelt flour dough to second rise . It doesn't really rise very well , is that normal for spelt four ? πŸ”₯🍞
Happy Friyay ! Chilly morn here but the sun is poking through the mist . Hubby home again but his eye is healing ( see doc again ) . I have no motivation but will get on with things or il feel guilty πŸ™„
Got the lawns mowed by 9.30am, picked some lemons , did a tidy up ... just in time as the rain came early . Now it's a cold grey day , fire is roaring , dinner already cooked so I get to tackle crochet orders 🌸🐰🌸
Morning all ! Eve took this photo for me as I was in a rush . Hubby is home sick so my peace and quiet came to an end πŸ™„
Maaaaaaa why did you put those rings around my nuts and tail ???? Maaaaaaaa I'm not happy about Ma ! πŸ™Š
A cup of primula tea as I hang out the washing 🌸
I'm kid FREE !!!!! They are on the bus , I repeat ON THE BUS ! Now please excuse me as I go about doing things not interrupted 😁😁😁😁
Night everyone ✨
First we had cuddles , then a massage , then he fell asleep on me so we sat down 😍 #Alfielamb #love #wattleflatfarm
Tuesday , One more day then school !!!!!!! Eves driving me bonkers ! I can't concentrate on my crochet work ... yap yap yap in my ear . 😩 #eggvignette
I crocheted this bunny , which is sold and I have another 2 orders πŸ˜„ . Miss eve is swooning over it , she's playing dress ups in her flower girl dress . Poor girl , might have to add another bunny to the list 🐰🌸 @crochetatwattleflatfarm
For weeks ! I've been wandering around my home trying to find the right spot for our family portrait . A lovely local mums daughter created a cartoon portrait of us . It was love at first sight . It's so us . Well today I put it here , this is the room we spend the most time together . Preparing food , laughing and yelling at each other . The hub of our home πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦πŸ‘
Happy Monday folks ... not really Mondays suck don't they. Two more days left of school holidays so I guess I should do some baking πŸ™„ Add a little yelling at the kids and that's my sucky Monday πŸ˜‘ Thanks for the tag @mypinkcottage for #widn Rainbow from yesterday's drive 🌈
We went for our usual Sunday drive ... first the local waterfall , then the forest , followed by a scenic route along our coast to home 🌲
I think every Sunday should have a rainbow 🌈
I could cry ! Purchased these dumplings from the markets last weekend and for some reason I didn't look at the ingredients . They have msg in them 😫 It gives me the itchies and blocks me up ... took an allergy tablet hoping it will work and not too much in them . I did make a chow mien stir fry to go with it 🍜
Lovely day for jumping in the sun in your winter bathers 😳
Hellloooooo perfect washing day πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
Check out that sky !!! πŸ’™ I've flung the doors open and the wind ( not as cold as I thought yay ) is wooshing through the house blowing all the germs out the backdoor .oh how I've missed having my front door open . I can wash sheets wahooooo ☁️☁️☁️
I got the biggest Alfie hug !