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Leaning in to the long weekend. Photographed by @ArthurElgort, Vogue, April 1977.
Fashion’s new faces embrace their inner flower child with bold, fresh prints. Photographed by @JoshOlins, Vogue, May 2017.
When @TomasMaier launched his eponymous line in 1997, the term athleisure was barely a twinkle in the fashion industry’s collective eye. That’s precisely why Maier opted to launch his line of swimwear and cashmere sweaters. "It wasn’t always easy to find clothes to wear on your time off in those days," Maier remembers. "The concept was pieces for leisure but well designed. I thought: If I have little on my body, it better be well made—it’s already uncomfortable enough being half nude." Tap the link in our bio to learn how the designer is celebrating his 20th anniversary. Photographed by @MarioTestino, Vogue, May 2001.
@davenavarro describes his experience walking in @annasui's Spring 1997 show as "a roller coaster in the sense that you’re worried that you’re going to crash but it’s exhilarating to be on it at the same time." He recounts: "Naomi Campbell was in that show, and there was a moment where we passed each other on the runway, which was very, very surreal and strange, and certainly nerve-racking because I was all of a sudden in this show in the middle of Fashion Week in Bryant Park with the biggest names in the industry." Tap the link in our bio for more stories from the men of @AnnaSui.
A room should reflect a life well-lived (and well-traveled). Above, #YvesSaintLaurent's favorite room inside his 1930's Paris house, as seen on @vogueliving_us.
@PriyankaChopra is a woman of many talents. Not only is she a former Miss World and current UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, but she is also a gifted actress who does her own stunts. Tap the link in our bio to watch our full interview with her, where she answers #73Questions.
For the limited-edition #Vogue125 @Birchbox, Vogue Beauty Director Celia Ellenberg curated a selection of products that offer the kind of exhilarating, multitasking, make-your-life-easier quality of the discoveries we love best. Tap the link in our bio for all details.
“The second line is like an informal fashion show. Everyone comes out to floss his or her best self,” says photographer @AkashaRabut, who has been photographing second line parades for about seven years now. Experience the Original Big 7 Social Aid & Pleasure Club’s annual Mother’s Day second line, one of a few remaining second line parades in the city that continues to honor and uplift residents of New Orleans’s 7th Ward community, in the link in our bio. Photographed by @AkashaRabut.
Here’s looking at you kid: In this image from the April 1, 1946 issue of Vogue, a model in Jo Copeland’s waist-defining print dress, looks up at a mural, described as having “sentimental color with a touch of trompe l’oeil” in an old house at 813 Fifth Avenue. It was painted by Marcel Vertès, a witty artist who collaborated with Elsa Schiaparelli and frequently contributed to Vogue. Photographed by Horst P. Horst. #Vogue125
@annasui knows that girls just want to have fun. "Innocence looks very fresh to me," Sui told Vogue at her Spring 1994 show. "The world is so hard, we need something that’s a relief from reality." Ahead of a new retrospective opening at the @fashiontextilemuseum this Friday, take a look back at Sui's work in the link in our bio.
"People ask me, 'Do you tell your subjects to pose?'" says photographer Ruth Ossai ( @tropicalqueenrooty). "Sometimes I do, but honestly, for Nigerians, posing is so effortless—it’s a performance piece. They want to be photographed and represented in their own way. When I snap people, they always want to go home to change [for a second picture,] and the ones who do pull out outfits that are simply showstopping. There’s a reason to ‘get dressed’ every day of the week." Find more of Ossai's vibrant style portraits in the link in our bio.
"In my opinion, aunties are the true style queens," says Ruth Ossai ( @tropicalqueenrooty). The photographer is referring to the well-dressed women of a certain age in Nsukka, a university town in Nigeria, though her words ring true for communities all over West Africa. In these parts, fashion choices only get more audacious with age. "There are so many stylish young people, but the elders carry themselves better because of their grace," she says. "They carry a sense of tradition unapologetically." Tap the link in our bio to see more of her style portraits and to read the full story.