Victor Cheng

Victor Cheng @veeceecheng

photographer & creative in hong kong ✉️

Whenever I travel, I always remember to bring backup storage drives for all my backup storage drives @lacie_tech ✈️
Trapped in the web 🕸
Every neighbourhood needs a field ⚽️
Scaled to size 🎹
Round and around we go 🔃
There's always an umbrella on him
Pink film strips 🏩
That boat with the pink roof 👌🏻
1+1 = 2 👫 #WHPmultiply
David and the giant
Saying goodbye to this one as she heads back to 🇨🇦 @southerndiscoveries
a quarter of a century 🎂
That pink basketball court 🏀
A walk in the park
Stayed indoors all weekend ☔️
Small pockets of light
Taking time to reflect
Spent the weekend in Paris, I mean The Parisian #ParisianMacao
One year ago today, I moved to this beautiful city - time really does fly.
Every window has its own story