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If you aren't excited it's Saturday yet, here's a great reason! Bring the heat this winter with #gelvhot . . gelv hot 🔥 is our thermal night time activator developed to battle cellulite while you sleep! . . Get yours before it's gone! Shop now VANNABELT.COM
We make our products to fit your body. Are you a V-Belt or V-Belt 2.0❓ . . . V-Belt ⏳is designed for women with a short torso, while the V-Belt 2.0 provides coverage for longer torsos. Measure from under your bust to pelvic area. If you’re 10-11” long go with the short. 12-14” get the long! . . Head 👉to WWW.VANNABELT.COM and visit our sizing chart to find out which V-Belt ⏳size from XS-3XL is right for you. . . Whittle your waist and get that hourglass ⏳look wherever you go with the everyday-use V-Belt and V-Belt 2.0❗️
DM from client pictured above : “Just wanted to show you my progress. Loved how it has smoothen out the bottom part of my belly and lightened up my stretch marks. I workout 4-5 times a week and eat healthy thank you for the great product!” - - 👉Love the slimmer, trimmer midsection my client is sporting! The abdominal region can be one of the most notoriously stubborn areas to tighten and tone but, with the help of our signature reduction gel, #GelV can help you see the results you’ve written off as impossible. When combined with diet and at least moderate exercise, our all-natural and preservative-free blend of camphor, menthol, centella asiatica and other quality ingredients, can bring you closer to your goals by providing the support needed to accelerate results, thereby helping you stay on track! The cold sensation formulation compromises fat cells, priming them to be broken down and eliminated easier through regular, consistent activity. Moreover, our #Vglove is instrumental in manually bolstering this process as it incorporates effective massage techniques as part of a 360-degree targeted therapy approach. With all the tools in our arsenal, there’s no reason not to jumpstart your personal transformation today! . . Visit www.vannabelt. com to customize the right suite of products to help you each and every step of the way❗
Say RIP to Cellulite and Stress with massages! WHO’S GONNA WIN TODAY!!!???! . Getting a massage 💆 is one of my FAVORITE things to do after a long week of working and exercising. What you may not know is that massages have helped me reduce the appearance of cellulite and boost my energy❗️ . . Here are 4 reasons massages are essential if you work out 🏋️: . 🔹Release soreness- improved blood flow delivers more oxygen to my body and helps the body recover faster after intense workouts. . 🔹Help reduce cellulite- cellulite is caused by stagnant fluids in the body (like water and blood), but massages help get those juices flowing again! I massage my thighs and booty using the V-Glove ✋️ with a tablespoon of Gel-V Hot 🔥. It not only stimulates my skin with a warm sensation tingle, but helps speed up the removal of that excess fluid using natural ingredients like caffeine. . 🔹Boosts energy= the stimulation of the skin increases oxygen in the body which will lead to increased energy in the days following. . . Applying Gel-V Hot 🔥 with the V-Glove ✋️makes ALL the difference with increasing the circulation to your trouble areas. I literally FEEL the layers of skin being activated and rejuvenated. . 🔹Reduces stress- massages reduce cortisol (the stress hormone). That’s why my evening wind down routine involves a hot shower, Gel-V Hot, and a massage from my V-Glove while spreading the gel. Together, V-Glove and Gel-V Hot apply the benefits of massaging into your evening routine. The V-glove helps my skin absorb the Gel-V Hot as much as possible and helps activate the skin. I religiously use it on my abs, back, arms, legs, and thighs. . . Start massaging your way to more beautiful and even skin with V-Glove ✋️and Gel-V Hot 🔥 from VANNABELT.COM
@staylorfit : Everyday is a new day and an opportunity to be better than yesterday. No matter what changes I make everyday one thing is for sure, I don't leave my house before applying #gelv 🍃 as a mommy this nature based product firmed loose skin, reduced, and faded my stretch marks. I was a @vannabelt customer way before becoming an ambassador. I was such a firm believe in the product that I wanted to help the women who loved and noticed my progress! . Friday's work: 🍑 10x10 Box Squats: squeeze until your bum becomes a cross between a pancake and a raisin lol...who cares what it looks like...remember why your here!!! (keeping it moderate on weight until my spotter gets back 🙁). Lord knows I’m not trying to become a gym-bloopers 🙃. 🍑 superset with walking lunges...x30 lunges alternating if you don’t have the space needed. 🍑 Hip abduction!!!! Ladies...listen very carefully...this is a must for booty building!!! The best way to add real mass to your @ss is with weight!!!!! I go heavier on reverse...drop set for 50 reps: 10/10/10/10/10 drop the weight after 10 reps and go straight into the next set of rest!!! Choose a weight that intimidates you for the first 10 reps!!! That’s your starting weight. Concentrate...control the weight and engage on the negative!!! This is where the work is... 🍑 Repeat the work above forward facing with hips off the seat...this forces you to engage your glutes throughout the entire movement. . SN: STOP worrying about what people think!!!! FOCUS on YOU!!! Turn your music up and go to work. . . Ratio training with @vannabelt V-Belt ⏳⏳. Contouring my waist while building/better stronger legs is a must!!! Keeps my form in check and gives me just the right amount of lumbar support. Link in Bio. . 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: The Monkey Funk Artist: Yanivi🎶 . Get your solution VANNABELT.COM 💜use code staylor10 for 10% off 💜💜
What has 4 walls, is around the corner from your house 🏡 , has the secret to reducing the appearance of stretch marks and firming skin? Your local GNC OF COURSE❗️ . . GNC is a proud partner of Vanna Belt and now carries Gel-V 🍃 across the country! Being a woman 👭 in today’s modern fast paced world led me to create products that help women take care of their bodies in the most efficient way possible. . . With continuous use my Gel-V 🍃 it firms and tones the skin by improving its elasticity. It nature-based ingredients help heal the appearance of stretch marks and leaves nothing but beautiful, conditioned skin behind! . . Want to get started with the full package to trim your waist and body? Grab my Vanna Belt V-Kit online at GNC.COM. It brings the appetite supressant and energy boosting power of Trim-V 💊, the V-Glove ✋️ gel applicator for best results, the stretch mark fading secret of Gel-V 🍃, and the V-sweat 💦 belt to help you channel your body’s heat to sculpt your midsection. . . Get to your local GNC today or visit GNC.COM to get Gel-V today❗️
@miss_suarezz : finishing my week off the right way 💪🏽 My goal is to really tighten up this winter but not lose all the gains I've put on 🍑🔥Its not really possible to burn fat in just one area while exercising but you can help shape your midsection during weight loss by wearing your V-Belt/V-Vest👌🏽 . . Does waist training really work? YES ! You can have all the booty gains but with a wide structured waist, it'll counter all your hard work🏋🏻‍♀️ Those that are trying to gain weight as well can benefit from waist training so that the curves go to all the right places 💃🏻 Start with 4 hours a day, working your way up to 8+ hours waist training ⌛️ Unlike other waist trainers on the market, VBELT/V-VEST are made of a breathable material so you can workout in it, postpartum👶🏼, wear it at work, home, under a formal dress discreetly 💃🏻 There is a sizing chart on the website to guide you to pick a VBELT that best fits you. . . Visit VANNABELT.COM 💜Use my promo code CRYSTALS10 for 10% off your V-VEST & Entire order! Link in bio ! ✨
😍🙌🏼🔥FREE GIVEAWAY!!!⏮⏮ - - I know some of you are looking to find a solution for the dimply skin on the back of your thighs and glutes ! - We wanna help!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼Who would like to win a Gel-V Hot and V-Glove today?? Here's how: - - 1⃣TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS↗️••• - - 2️⃣LIKE AND COMMENT ON TODAY'S POSTS! - - 3️⃣TAG YOUR GIRLS🙋🏼🙋🏼 - - - - - 📲🕗I will choose the winner at 7pm EST and post it on my instagram STORY↖️VANNABELT.COM
Wondering what’s the next step to achieving beautiful skin❓You workout, eat clean and drink plenty of water 💦 . Now it’s time to add a little heat to your life. . . Gel-V Hot 🔥is our nighttime reduction gel that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Simply apply prior to bedtime 😴with your V-Glove✋️. Combine with Gel-V 🍃during the day for accelerated results. . . Get the skin you deserve at WWW.VANNABELT.COM
@sommer_d_ : Enhance your workout with #TrimV & #Vbelt! •TrimV- gives you high powered energy & promotes appetite control •Vbelt-can be worn during cardio, strength training or you can wear it at home or running errands. It supports your back while keeping your core tight. Go to to get yours! - - 🔹GHD using resistance band (placed around neck) 3 sets/x15 🔹Push ups using resistance band 3sets/x10 🔹Seated Compound Row 3 sets/x12 ----------------------------------------- . 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: The Monkey Funk Artist: Yanivi🎶 . Get yours VANNABELT.COM💜Use code SOMMERD10 for 10% discount on all vannabelt products!
LET ME HELP YOU PICK THE BEST #VBELT!! . . . My V-Belts have the power to help tighten your thighs, lift your booty 🍑, define your waist, and support your bust. But before you can start doing any of these amazing things you need to find the best fitting V-belt for you! . . 1️⃣We’ll start with the one that offers most coverage = the V-Body. Measure your waist circumference from 2 inches below your below button. Measure your hip circumference at its widest. Then consult our measurement chart on VANNABELT.COM. V-body is my favorite when I need full body slimming for a specific outfit. It adds shape to my booty 🍑 and gives the appearance of a firmer midsection. . . 2️⃣Next there’s V-Vest, which offers bust support, back support, and slims my midsection. Women 👭: Measure your waist circumference from 2 inches below your belly button then consult my sizing guide. - - 3️⃣To reduce your waist, tone your back, and support your back I recommend V-Belt or V-Belt 2.0 ⏳for longer torsos. To define whether your torso is long or short, measure from under your bust to your pelvic area. V-Belts are 10 inches long and V-Belt 2.0’s are 13 inches long. . . 4️⃣If loose skin on your arms 💪 has ever made you feel uncomfortable you may find the benefits of V-Belt arms perfect for you, it helps reduce and firm loose skin. To find the right fit measure the largest part of your bicep. . . 5️⃣If you want your legs to to look tight and slim V- Belt thighs are my suggestion. Measure the largest part of your thigh and reference the size guide on VANNABELT.COM . Imagine the feeling of putting on the V-Belt ⏳that fits JUST RIGHT and INSTANTLY looking sculpted and tight! You won’t regret this decision! . . . Find the best fit ⏳ for you at VANNABELT.COM today.
@_mariahgreen : WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY 😍😍😍 Having some fun under the ☀️ with my #gelv🍃💪🏽 it's been a rough road preparing to have another baby back to back .. my body hasn't even recovered from the first c section 👶🏽 so this is my 3rd workout in 3 months due to " morning " sickness . On a positive note how CRAZZZZYYY AMAZING is it that our bodies can morph like this ?! 🖤My stats for comparison : 5"8 , 140 lbs , 22% BF 🖤being both 6 months postpartum & 3 months #pregnant all of the gels by @vannabelt are a STAPLE IN MY DAILY ROUTINE 🦄 . . . babies give us warrior marks on our stomach, breasts , thighs and booty 👑 so it's awesome we can get rid of them with nature based products like #gelv 🍃if we don't want to keep them 🌱 mine used to be dark red 😬 & now you can barley see them & my cellulite is going away one dimple at a time thanks to #gelvhot 🔥😂👆🏼 !!! 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: The Monkey Funk Artist: Yanivi🎶 . Shop my tip of the day at VANNABELT.COM 💜Use code MARIAH10 for 10% discount on all Vannabelt products!
Whenever I talk about muffin tops with my friends 👭 (probably over a glass of wine 🍷 haha) we share eating tips, exercise tips for our abs and back, and complain about our favorite jeans 👖that we’re a little shy to wear. . With V-Belt’s ⏳ waist and back compression and Gel-V’s 🍃 skin tightening and stretch mark reducing formula, our favorite pair of jeans are in closer reach than you may think! (Obviously while eating healthy and working out!) . Here are some tips to get you back in your favorite jeans with V-Belt ⏳and Gel-V 🍃! . . 🔹Increase Fiber intake - My go to are lentils and black beans. The more fiber I eat the less bloated and inflamed I feel. I’ll wear my V-Belt while I eat because it helps me feel fuller faster AND instantly makes my waist look smaller. . 🔹Increase Cardio- I like going for a 30 minute run with my V-Belt ⏳ on. It helps me sweat more AND tones my WAIST and BACK. After my workout I shower and massage Gel-V 🍃into my midsection until it’s fully absorbed. . 🔹Strength training- Total body workouts like planks and balancing on one leg are my favorite because they activate the core. A stronger core means I’m toning muscles in my front, back and sides! . . Getting rid of Muffin tops is about focusing on your tummy, back, and posture. I wear my V-Belt under my clothes all the time, in and out of the gym, so my body starts assuming a slimmer figure. . The path to get back into your favorite jeans starts TODAY with V-Belt ⏳and Gel-V 🍃 from VANNABELT.COM
@juliamarrero : I have been eating healthy, keeping myself active, and applying #gelv from @vannabelt twice daily and I have noticed a big improvement in my skin! #gelv helps firm loose skin, reduce measurements, and fade any stretch marks. Looking forward to get my pre-pregnancy body back one day at a time! Xoxo JM . 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: Binary stars Artist: Gravity🎶 . . Visit VANNABELT.COM to get yours
We all have it, but how can we help ourselves get rid of it? Yep, I’m talking about cellulite❗️It’s important to love our bodies no matter what, but a few tweaks never hurt. Here are a couple of tips to help you reduce cellulite along with Gel-V Hot 🔥. . . 🔹Avoid too much salt or sugar. Sugar gets stored in fat cells, causing them to expand. Also, since sodium causes fluid retention which makes cellulite more noticeable, it’s important to limit salt intake. . 🔹Flaxseed supports estrogen levels and boosts collagen growth. By sprinkling a couple tablespoons of flaxseed on your breakfast each morning, you can reduce the appearance of cellulite. . . . 🔹And of course, apply Gel-V Hot 🔥before bed. Massage a tablespoon amount onto your entire midsection and half a tablespoon on arms, glutes and thighs. . . Use Gel-V during the day for accelerated results❗️WWW.VANNABELT.COM
@bethaniefitness : Balance is 🔑 I'm trying out a new way of squatting without heavy weight, if you're looking to grow those glutes while using your upper body but you find you're just beginning and need something lighter. no problem you just need a workout ball! Jump squatting really helps you feel the burn! There is a lot of things you can do with a workout ball, try something new!!💪🏼❤Keep your glutes pumped🔥 . MAT WORKOUTS💪🏼These workouts will really hit your core!! Repeat each workout 3-4 times to feel the burn!!💜Testing new workouts💜 . 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: anthem of A Quirky Hipster Artist: Rex Banner🎶 . Shop exclusively at VANNABELT.COM💜USE my promocode BETHANIE10 for 10% off your purchase 💜
Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. I want to help you see a future where you LOVE ❤️ the skin you’re in. I want you to wake up confidently knowing there’s a plan and that you have ALL the tools to improve yourself. . . The idea of bringing the future into the present is what led me to develop the V-Kits. One of my kits helps me get an hourglass figure while the other kit focuses on smoothing out dimples on my skin and removes stretch marks from areas that make me feel a little uncomfortable. . FIND THE RIGHT V-KIT for you!!! . 🔹V-Kit Plus= waist training with skin firming and stretch mark reducing Gel-V 🍃. . 🔹V-Kit Plus 2.0= Long torso waist training with skin firming and stretch mark reducing Gel-V🍃. . 🔹24 Hour Firming and Reduction System= skin firming and stretch mark reducing cold sensation Gel-V 🍃for the morning. Improved texture and dimple reduction from warm sensation Gel-V Hot 🔥for night time. . . I wanted to do this right for you all so you’ll be happy 😃 to know my products feature effective nature based ingredients like green tea in Gel-v 🍃and Gel-V Hot 🔥 and high quality fabrics with strong closures in the V-Kit Plus and V-Kit Plus 2.0. NOTHING BUT THE BEST FROM ME TO YOU❗️ . . Bring your future body into the present with V-Kits today from VANNABELT.COM
SWIPE⏮⏮I constantly hear people talk about how busy they are on a particular day of the week.... I'll be honest, there’s not one day I'm not busy! 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . I know most ladies can relate; you're either over working, over thinking, or over spending 😂😩just kidding! We all have busy lifestyles and with more things to think about, you easily become more forgetful! . . I use to forget to take the tools I needed to reach my goals with me. However, I never forgot how badly I wanted to change my body and skin texture. I decided to stop giving myself stress about forgetting; and created something so easy you can store it in your purse, car, work drawer, carry on luggage- anywhere really! #GelVmini 🍃 is a smaller package version of our best selling product. The same exact nature based ingredients fill up a more convenient size, that costs half the price! . . Pack your purse with results- #gelvmini is on the go with tightening your loose skin, reducing, and minimizing the appearance of stretch marks. . . Snatch yours at VANNABELT.COM for only $25.99!!!
I’M NOT GIVING UP MY TAN JUST BECAUSE IT’S OCTOBER 👻🕷! I’m on a mission to make it to Christmas 🎄 with a tan! . . I decided to share so you could make it too! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼 . 🔸Improve your diet- I try including more antioxidants like green tea in my diet. I love that my V-Glow gel has antioxidant tea tree oil in it! . 🔸Protect yourself under the sun: wear sunscreen! It helps keep my tan longer. After sunscreen I apply V-Glow which hydrates my skin with Aloe Vera and gives me a shimmering look #DIVA . 🔸Tan slowly, but surely- If I haven’t been in the sun ☀️ for a long time I start with mini 15 minute sessions. I wear my swim slim to compress my mid section, back, and support my bust so I look my best. . 🔸Exfoliate your skin: I find massaging my skin and feeding it nutrients helps keep my tan longer. That’ why I made sure V-Glow had vitamins A,C, and E. . . The more LOVE ❤️ you show your skin the LONGER it’ll keep its color! From the hydration to the rich nutrition and shimmering look, V-GLOW is my ultimate secret to a better tan. . No matter WHAT the state of my tan is I ALWAYS wear my Swim Slim so my body looks nice and tight- no matter whats going on underneath, the built in compression reduces in all the right places! . . Keep your summer tan going through fall 🍂 and winter ❄️ with V-Glow from VANNABELT.COM
Welcome to the team! @missmichellebeach . . @ missmichellebeach : Before working out I always apply my Gel-V cream by @vannabelt to my stomach #booty and #thighs to smooth my skin and Helps me to firm and tone making cellulite less visible it also gives me a nice cooling sensation on my skin so I can feel it working I love❤️ #gelv . . 🎶Licensed music provided by , Song name: The Monkey Funk Artist: Yanivi🎶 . 💜Use code MICHELLE10 for 10% discount on all Vannabelt products!