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Woke up to this in my inbox 😍 I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing my face on someone's body! So cool! Now this is the level of commitment my ex's should've of shown me lmao jk but seriously wishing a very Happy Birthday to @mundojr75 🎂💋 Thank you for sharing & all the love! ❤️
🥊Yay! Posting Episode1 at 7pm est 😜To watch it Click the Link in my bio and follow my new Facebook page where I'll be posting all the episodes weekly! Photo by @13o5 H&M| @always.glamorous at @mmamasters . . Or go to
Saturday Vibes with my @southdadetoyota crew 😎 1st time windsurfing and learning from literally the best 3x world champion @ricardo_campello and @gollitoestredo 8x world champion just winning his 8th world championship at the Windsurf World Cup last week. 💪💙 #teamsouthdadetoyota #southdadetoyota #ad
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No fancy editing here just heavy breathing, real time, and my reffy music 😊🎶 Saturday & Sunday was Muaythai & Legs so this Monday feels like a Wednesday. My body is so soreee like every bit of it hurts. So this actually felt amazing. I needed to move and work it out. Shaking off the granny feeling when you can barely walk & get out of a chair lol. Posted a few more exercises from today in my story. Have a Badass Monday Everyone! Tomorrow isn't promised so make today count! 💪💜 . . Gear | @superfitbabes 💪| @themanwiththebands
Be You. Do You. For You. Watch My Trailer 🎥🖤 Episode #1 Coming Next Week, Click the link in my Bio & Follow my New Facebook page to see the episodes that will only be posted there. Can't wait to share all these epic moments with you guys. . . #OrsinisWorld Film| @chriscabrera Music| @tommyjacob H&M| @always.glamorous Wardrobe| @chailooks @superfitbabes @mphclub & @mmamasters
So this just happened 😍 I'm a Tia again! 🎀And it's a Girl!!! Literally the most amazing feeling of pure joy & love. I'm so grateful to God & my sister for this unforgettable moment. I can't wait to Hold HER!!! 😭💕🙌🏼 #Blessed
Actions > Words 🖤Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be. Pay attention. . . Photo| @_youngshot H&M| @always.glamorous Wardrobe| @fashionnova
Important little message from my friends at @southdadetoyota ❤🚗 #southdadetoyota
With all this craziness it feels good to focus on work & all the Good in this world that isn't being broadcasted. Small & big dreams coming alive through preparation & opportunity. @Superfitbabes New Collection about to launch in 2 weeks and my new Facebook show that will launch later this week 😁 But what I'm most happy about is my niece finally being born this Friday!💜💜💜God willing🙏🏻
You may see me struggle but you will never see me quit. I love learning period but especially learning skills that can compliment my businesses. So photography has become a new productive Hobby of mine. Here some behind the scenes & images from the last @superfitbabes shoot we did with my talented yogi friend @zenny.jenny 💙 all while filming my Facebook little show that comes out later this week :) 👌 productive is how I like it. . . #superfitbabes
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What's up Friday 😎 Nice to see you again
Mon☕️ay... Let's do this💜 . . Photo| @13o5 Look| @fashionnova H&M| @always.glamorous
Be Fearless for what you want. Be Thankful for what you have..🖤 . Wardrobe| @fashionnova H&M| @always.glamorous Photo| @_youngshot
Be a Boss. Date a Boss. Build an Empire... waiting for Friday & bae like.... 👑 (new Facebook show coming next Week btw 😌) . 🏆The Best| @mphclub Photo| @_david26 H&M | @always.glamorous
Another day another blessing💕 Amazing day filming with the team @southdadetoyota @cotur 🎥Today's look 💄 @always.glamorous
Praying for the World. Puerto Rico & Mexico my heart is with you🙏🏻💔 #prayfortheworld 🇵🇷 🇲🇽