Favorite drink from Starbucks?
Why can't my messy buns look as nice as hers?
Your 2nd & 5th emoji describes your life atm
How many relationships have you been in?
Describe your phone case
Describe your mood in emojis
Favorite flower?
What's your best friend initials? SST - @fadedgoals
Who still has finals to take? - @fadedgoals
rate your day 1-10- @fadedgoals
When were you born? - @fadedgoals
Do you smile a lot? - @fadedgoals Follow me @ughlovings for more!
Vans or Adidas? - @fadedgoals
Your 8th recent emoji describes how you feel about summer儭
Buy or bye? - @fadedgoals #trend
Wear or tears? - @fadedgoals
I want money Who else does?
Do you drive?