everyone is equal beautiful

do you eat a lot or a little?
do you have have a big or small squad?
would you ever get a nose piercing? or do you have one?
makeup: yay or nay?
good morning! -follow me @ughlovings for more!
minty or fruity gum? -follow me @ughlovings for more!
small or big eyes? You could get these lashes called "SASSY" on @cocoschoice_ website.
clear skin or thick eyebrows? -follow me @ughlovings for more!
what's one thing you love about yourself?
her tattoo: yay or nay?
before & after microblading would you try it? - follow me @ughlovings for more!
Whats the most expensive thing you've broken?
cake or cupcakes?
if you didn't have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?
from 1-10 how aesthetic are you? -follow me @ughlovings for more!
eyebrows: yay or nay?
are you a day person or a night person?
Which color?
what something embarrassing that happened to you?
eyelashes or eyeshadow?