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Does anyone now what's wrong with insta ? I get less likes nowadays, photo's going not viral any more but i changed nothing. I heard big pages have the same problem. Thanks for all the followers who stayed and liked my photo's ❤ Love you all, you guys keep me motivated 😘 #bali #vacation #love #traveler #travel #indonesia #asia #fitfam #fitfamnl #fitfamuk #fitdutchies #fitdutchie #dutchie #mensphysique #model #menmodel #sixpack #abs #healthy #lifestyle #followforfollow #bodybuilder #dreambody #men #man
It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see' Can you quess what got my attention 😏👀?
It's weekend 🎊 watching tv and doing nothing tonight and you ?
Old school arm motivation with @lvwfitness. The whole video is now on our youtube channel. Go check it out the link is in my BIO. Comment down below and let me know what you guys think 😊😉
I just want to order a pizza & cola and relax at the beach all day 😭 instead im back in holland watching the rainy weather outside and making my homework for classes tomorrow😑. What are you doing on your monday's ?👀
Q&A TIME !! If you have any questions you want to know about me, comment down below 🙏 and in 3 weeks i will answer a few questions in my next youtube video ❤
Let's enjoy the view together 😍
Who else likes sailing ? 🤔Honestly i hate water, I can't swim, i'm afraid of sharks and i get ill very fast 😂 After 3 hours driving the motor cycle we arrived the water temple 'Bratan' 👌 It often rains in the mountains but we were so lucky with the weather that day! So in love with the sun & Bali 😍
My last shower in Bali before i go back home😯, thinking about the busy and stressful lifestyle in Holland. Wish i could stay here forever😔 For business inquiries please DM 😉 @jaw @cutevboys @boys @guys @boysrelated @mcm @pubertyhit.s @heavenforgirls @tumbllrmen
What do you think about this shot 📸 one of my favorites😏👌
Just a normal rainy day in Holland. Waiting for the bus to arrive. Tomorrow leaving to Bali, that means i need to have some new clothes🤣 I also want to let you know that im going to post more fashion. Just showing some more outfits! If you suggest clothing brands please comment down below😊! Tomorrow posting a new video🙈 STAY TUNED❤
Who else wanna play volleybal 👀?
Een dagje onder de parasol doorbrengen! Wie vermijd er nog meer de geld verzamelaars op het strand😂?
POOL VS CINEMA 👀? Went to the fitness this morning, trained chest today😊. Now i need to prep al my food and work on my to do list. A lot of work to do 😳. So tonight when i have done most of the things it will be NETFLIX TIME😍 checking out Homeland (3th season) 👌 without popcorn, chocolate or burgers of course 😤 hope you all have a nice day🤙
What do you guys think ?
Aesthetics 😊💪
WORKOUT CHALLENGE❗Tag a friend😎 - 50 jumping jacks - 25 burpees - 100 kneelifts - 50 frontkicks - 50 lunges - 50 squats - 50 pushups - 100 mountain climbers GOOD LUCK 💪 @menwithhealth @baristiworkout @socalisthenics @shredded.union @bodyweightmasters
CAPTION PHOTO 2 🤣 Best caption will be posted in my instastory! INSTAGRAM VS REALITY during shoots 😂