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Congratulations @itsdarcilynne! I am blown away by how talented you are, and am so happy you brought lil Petunia to @agt! #DarciLynneWins
If I was into rockers, this would be my boo. #AGT
Finding the light with the diva @kellyclarkson!
Feelin' like the Queen! Top - @houseofcb Skirt - @fouadsarkiscouture
I may be sick, but this look is SICKENING! #AGTFinale Dress - @maisonalexandrine Shoulder pads- @maggiebarryfashion
Seattle makes me hungry
Corny in Seattle
Throw it, baby πŸ‘‹πŸ½πŸŸ
#TyraTaughtMe...how to jump (and pump...up that energy). @matheuscastanheira
#TyraTaughtMe...how to make shadow face fierceness @gaybriel.cx
Break it down, boo. #TyraTaughtMe @missjamisonscout
The sweets and treats my #ANTM team eat when working on the new cycle are Next Level Fierce. 🍩πŸͺ🍩
This πŸ’™makeup and πŸ’› hair is on πŸ”₯. MUA: @valentefrazierartistry Kiyah: @kiyahwright1 #AGT
Blue Blood πŸ’™ @AGT tonight LIVE.
TyoncΓ©? Who is she? #AGT
Golden Girl @AGT Live!
I think it's a beautiful night for some @agt!
The transformations begins momentarily. #AGT Live show tonight #WhatWillSheWear?
Wham Bam @AGT last night, boo. MUA: @valentefrazierartistry Hair: @kiyahwright1 Stylist: @jstylela Jumpsuit: @stello
Skin it to win it tonight on @agt!