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Hi everyone here I make some drawings and put them to my page so hope you like everything I post and thanks :)

Hey again guys didn't you hear of the mlp movie? Tell me if you checked it out cause I didn't :| and this is a official song!!! By: Sia OMG GUYS SIA ( if your a fan of her let me know) x333 thanks for stoppin by ;3 thanks ;)
Hey again guys I made this video with #Musically If you want to know my musically it's XxYandere101xX so that's my musically ;3 hope you guys like this musically video I did hehe
Hey again guys I wasn't in the mood to draw but I made this only for you guys ya know I'm sick and I'm not in the mood for anything LOL but anyways hope you like this drawing I made and thanks :)
Hey again guys! I worked on this idk but it's cool I learned how to do it at school with our art class teacher hehe ;3 and I hope you like it you just need a pencil ✏️ and some two tissues or one and just rub it on the paper but make sure you color like not so thick but a light gray and then rub your tissue on the paper gen boom! Hope you liked this and thanks :)
Hey again guys today I drew Osana Najimi!!!!! Say BAKA if your in the Osana Najimi squad! Hope you like her picture and thanks :)
Hey again guys today I drew Yandere~Chan VS Yandere~Kun they are on a battle who do you think will die and who do you think will live? Put in the comments ;3 thanks for liking my pic :)
Hey again guys oh I mean SHHHHHHH little Lucy is sleeping isn't she just adorable? #BestMeow cutest little sleeping meow ever >3<
Hey again guys look at this little cutie over here >3< this is our little kitty cat #BestMeow Cuttest little meow ever! >3< if you wanna see more of little Lucy put in the comments ;3
Hey again guys sorry for not posting for so long but I do have some stuff from school I'd love to share :3 thanks for understanding :)
Thank you for your amazing support guys I really appreciate it :D thanks for being so sweet and thanks :)
Hmm what should I draw? I don't know....
Hey guys today is my birthday where I live right now! And I'm gonna make a drawing after I come back from school!!!im so excited!!!!!!!!!! :3
Hey again guys today I'm gonna show you some drawings I made in school I hope you like them :3 and thanks ;)
A another pic from the app ( Episode ) hope you guys like it I am sorry for not posting any drawings now cause 1.homework 2.busy a lot and get ready ( so yeah guys but I'm gonna try my best to post more ) thank you :)
So this is what I did in art class the teacher told us to draw butterflies :P so I did hope you guys like it :D and tomorrow is the last day and then weekend that means I can post some drawings!
Hey again guys today I created this profile pic for my channel what'd ya think?
Hey again guys today I did this anime eye tutorial I hope it helps and thank you for seeing this :)
Hey again guys guess what...RainbowGamingXD reached 90 subscribers CONGRATS #RainbowGamingArtz :D
Hey again guys today I saw something really creepy on Roblox it's the bloc watch eyes I saw them on meep city and usually they are seen is popular games if you wanna go see them for yourself then go ahead and thanks :)