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#JusticeforSandraBland #UsOrElse

My Baby's a Super Sweet 16 now!!!! @princess_of_da_south And Me, along wit all her Uncles, her Big Cousins, her Lil Bros & her Big Bros @phase_4 @domaniharris1 Have an obligation to protect her & ensure her safety from all hurt harm or danger. Now PLAY WIT IT!!!! #ComingOuttaRetirementAboutHer💥 #ProudPops #AlwaysWillBeMyBabyDeyjah #HappyBirthdayBabyGirl
Dutch & Sonny kickin shit!!! I told big bro "We just gon have to keep it 1000 for da town &do some dumb shit that we DIE laughing at errrrday..." He said "Don't worry nigga... WE WILL!!!" Lol #DaTrap📽
#LibraShit #LibraGang #Scales⚖️ #925 🎶I won't deny it -Tupac voice Y'all got 63 days to get y'all shit togetha... Libra season approacheth!!!!!
Happy Gday Zippo!!!! What we put together may no man taketh under!!! WE ARE The Greatest Show On Earth!!!! We miss u Big Homie... There'll NEVER be another like You!!!!! #BMF4LIFE #FreeBIGMeech
The wait is OVER!!!! @traeabn drops #ImOn3 #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
All the way THAT WAY!!!!
We still on da block wit it!!! #255tapaslounge on Peter st. #HustleGangBlockParty @dopeboyra @dropolo @rubiconatl @djmlk @mitchellel @cguttabeatz We outchea LIVIN DIS SHIT!!!! #itsalifestyle #HustleGangOverErrrrthang 🔊For The Money by @dopeboyra
🔥💥🔥💥🔥 @thuggerthugger1 & @future I'm tellin ya....
First day filming wit my Patna @eppsie Wait for it... Shit should be Epic!!!! #DaTrap
I MUST GIVE special thanks to everyone in MY CITY Atl who came out Sunday to join me & da Gang enabling US to wrap up the #HustleGangTour & Go out wit a BANG💥💥💥💥Thank You to all the Gs who came out to rep wit US this Fathers Day in da A @hairweavekiller @therealkapg @domaniharris1 @kuntryking #NOIGDaveChappell @macboneyfool I can't express how proud I am of the whole #HustleGang team. This solid group of stand up guys (&girl @tokyojetz lol) made sacrifices, came together, put their own personal agendas & desires to the side to put this thing of OURS on the road,rolling in & outta over 32 dates nationwide putting on every night for a 90% sell out rate. No shootings,No arrests, No tragedies & No matter WHAT they said about US & OUR lineup WE STILL went out & repp'd OUR SET nightly!!!! I appreciate EVERYONE who came out to ALL THE SHOWS!!!! @nipseyhussle @frenchmontana @gperico @chamillionaire @dcyoungfly @shaddagodbrm @lilduke60 @only1_gunna @daveeast @thejuelzsantana @asapferg Y'all made this tour TURN every night!!! @dopeboyra @dropolo @translee @londonjae @iamyungbooke @gfmbryyce @tokyojetz @traeabn @5ive_mics Raise your glasses & toast to all OUR hard work paying US back with more success than we anticipated. I believe in ALL YALL!!!! I KNOW WHAT YALL ARE & I WONT REST UNTIL THE WORLD SEE IT TOO!!!! SALUTE!!! #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
Then we took our Drip💧=(Dro+Tip) to my sweet baby Deyjah's @princess_of_da_south 16th Birthday Dinner to sing the soulful sounds your ears behold in this video.🗣 #BigOleDrip💧Book us now to sing at ya weddings,divorce parties,bar mitzvahs, birthdays,baby showers,bachelorette parties, coming home (from prison) & going in parties, ASAP before our price go up!!!! But for Now u can catch our campaign at da ROXY tonight!!!! Don't meet us there beat us there!!!! #HustleGangTourAtlanta #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
Drip💧 = (Dro+Tip) went Da FUQ UP yest at da 255 HG Block Party on Peter st. wit @dopeboyra !!!! @rubiconatl did it again!!!!! Now it's time to gone & set da city off Da Gang Way!!!! 👑💩 #HustleGangTourAtlanta CocaCola ROXY Don't meet me there,Beat me there!!!! #HustleGangOverErrrrthang
My OG @therealbigboi back in da blender wit da business!!! That #KillJill Gone On!!! Go get his New Sh*t NOW!!!!! #boomiverse #OutkastAlumni
Shit been on repeat since yest.my Boi!!!! Congrats on another successful project ole CAP ass soufside ni66a you!!! Lol Salute!!! #PGLTM #TruAtlTrapShit
Happy 16th Birthday to the most talented, intelligent, beautiful, funny, thoughtful, caring, considerate, sweet, but tough, genuine, loving, unique young lady of 16 yrs I know!!! @princess_of_da_south Your growth, maturity, & humility continues to amaze me still after all these years. You have a silent strength that comes from an abundance of modest,quiet confidence I don't even think you know you have yet. Watching you evolve into the magnificent young lady you're becoming has been THE most challenging, stressful, yet amazing, incredible things I've ever experienced or witnessed in MY LIFE!!! We've had our ups,downs,&adversities over the years,but looking back I must say it was all worth it because it made you the young lady you are today. I can't say enough how proud we all are of you & how much you mean to ME & The ENTIRE HARRIS FAMILY!!! You possess all the best parts of me. Qualities most people would kill to have. Your future is brighter than anyone's eyes can behold. Your potential is limitless. You have everything you need to become ANYTHING YOU DESIRE!!! But no matter what that may be you'll always be good enough for me just the way you are. Don't change,& don't trip.... anything you can imagine will be at your fingertips before you know it. But for now just rest assured & know DADDY LOVES YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF.... AS WE ALL DO... Have fun & Enjoy your day my lovely little (not so much anymore😒)princess. YOU ARE & WILL ALWAYS BE MY HEART IN HUMAN FORM. I love you!!!! 😘
@traeabn pressing his line again wit #ImOn3 Honored to be apart of this one!!!! #TraethaVP #HustleGangOverErrrrthang