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I miss this day & I miss Amsterdam
NEW HAIR ALERT 🚨 highlights, cut, & Brazilian blowout all thanks to my beautiful aunt @_sarahs_styles_ochair_ !! She did so amazing & i love her dearly. New hair new me bitch
Happy #NationalComingOutDay everybody. I remember the day I came out to all of you😫 It was through my music video for "I Wanna Fly". I was so terrified - I fucking swear, 5 minutes before the music video went live, I almost called Vevo & asked them to cancel the launch. I'm so glad I didn't do that! You guys were & ARE so supportive of me all the time!! And I love you all so fucking much 😭💕⭐️ PLEASE NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE YOURSELF
t r a s h
I can be your super model if you believe 🌹
@ pack
this hurt my ass so u better like it
androgynous bath boy
just a reminder I'm a boy
When I tell you that @vandalnewyork is one of my favorite FUCKING restaurants I've ever been to I MEAN IT. My waiter was amazing & so nice. His name was Eric, he was a legend. 10/10 recommend if ur in NYC bbs
Comment something positive about the person who's comment is above yours 💕
is this offensive¿
Me staring at you at the red light taking my sweet ass time 😏
I was acting like I was taking a photo of myself but just really wanted to show you all this hot cop
I fucking love these pants