Fighting Plastic Pollution ♻️

Fighting Plastic Pollution ♻️ @trashplanet_norway

Picking a bag of plastic a day, keeps extinction away. Tag and share. Reach out! Vipps 121242

After ten years, it's impossible to pick up. It will stay there for ever, as plastic dust full of chemicals.
We need to stop this madness. And we need new pictures in our heads. @imsdalkildevann
Some think styrofoam is a great product. It's not. It's so bad, our children will hate us for ever having used it. #banstyrofoam
For 5 mins.. @mcdonalds, @mcdonaldssverige @mcdonalds_fr @mcdonalds_br, same crap everywhere.
Hello #preppers.. If you don't really want an #apocalypse, here is something more important than hoarding guns and ammunition. Start picking! #pickabag
An old plastic bag breaking into a bazillion pieces.. #banthebag @miljodirektoratet @erna_solberg @sivjensen @rema1000 @bamastorkjokken
I feel, that a major reason people don't pick plastic trash, is the fear of getting some kind of stigma. Often I feel that myself, that people judge me. Is it something wrong with him, etc. But of course, it's the other way around.😁 *Shameful😷
@sinabroh holding a helium balloon found in the deep of the Skrim mountains nature reserve. No place is sacred from plastic pollution.😐 #kapteinsabeltann
Mountain trekking with @sinabroh @odabroh @mstensrud89 and @pellethetoller. Soon it's dark, and we have to find a place to set camp.
We are allready past the apocalypse. It has happened. We just don't realize it. All plastic we have made, is either waste in the ground or everywhere else or in use, either becoming micro and nanoplastic or just leaking thousands of chemicals polluting everything and everywhere. What happens next, is inevitable, mainly because, most people don't even recognize this as a problem. We are just producing more and more, and the politicians don't dare or don't know. This is a picture of part of a garden, which was full of old bits of sealing foam. Seems undramatic, but this is plastic dust, that contaminates the earth, the air, the water. How can we think it will not affect us?
Enough deposits, and we may have a future. So, #pickabag or fifty.
Just follow. Okey? @balloons_blow 😎💚
It's summertime. and people are doing their stuff on the beaches everywhere. So, even if this is an old one, it's sadly a more important message than ever. It is not enough to say plastic pollution is bad, or blame others, or ask the community to do something. You must do something right now yourself, and most important, be a rolemodel and tell your friends! Tag them, tell them, or maybe ask them to go for a walk on the beach. Then, #pickabag or twenty-five!😎♻️
Respond, and the next may be U😎 This is @anita.horan. I don't have time to explain, just follow her. This woman is burning, and she has a beautiful strong flame! Follow her, and tag your friends. She and her message deserves a bigger crowd! Don't be shy. It's the world we are saving.💚✊🏻😎
That single use plastic bottle from Pepsico, which you will find anywhere in the oceans or in nature... That bottle has more to it. It contains conflict palmoil. From burning orangutans and yet unknown species, from lost habitats of tigers, elephants and rhinos, they bring you Pepsi and Pepsi Max. Remember that, when taking a refreshing gulp of it. Background photos left, Paul Hilton, right, @annamaedj
This weed is saturating the ground, slowly breaking up and multiplying into tiny microplastic bits full of toxic chemicals.
Fifteen minutes of beachclean, makes me feel good. Its like a Feng Shui for the mind. Fresh air, a bit of exersice, and some meters of cleaner beach.♻️😎
The new food chain. #plasticpollution
We are all shareholders in the greatest enterprise ever, planet Earth. And this is not how we should manage our interests. Its like, we don't know its value. Its like, we think the value is the profit we make from destroying our assets. We turn gold into crap. The real value, or the real profit, is of course, to protect the assets and to let them grow. But the only thing growing, is the hopelessness, the numbers of extinct lifeforms, the tons of plasticpollution reaching the oceans which in turn will become microplastic and deadly food for marine life. Right now, the reality is, that we are selling out. For no reason but convenience, to no one.
Any nobrainer gets difficult, when there is profit involved. We gladly suffocate earth for money. And convenience.