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Towbin Dodge I Prestige Chrysler Jeep Dodge I Towbin FIAT/Alfa Romeo in Las Vegas - thank you for making us #1 in the WORLD 🌎!

This is just a taste. More than 2,000 more where these came from at #towbinfiatalfaromeo
All 3 of our Las Vegas dealerships were "Customer First" - Award For Excellence - recipients for 2017. We love our cars, but more importantly we REALLY love our customers.
From the early 1900s thru 2017, Dodge has been full of pure muscle. To be continued ... #DodgeDemon
We're movin' them Hellcats straight from the showroom floor !! White Charger HellCat - Brass 20 inch Rims, Sepia Leather Interior, Blacked Out Roof and so much more !!
Patrick McCaw, of the Golden State Warriors, recently came through and purchased a 2017 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat !! Thank you Patrick for your business and congratulations on your NBA Championship!!
Nick Cannon just took delivery of the newest addition to the fleet!! Appreciate the loyalty. We build whatever you dream so fast, for the low!
We finance and take any trade in ! This is your reason to come to Vegas. Many to choose from. Too many to list.
Sold a Sick Hellcat to #goldenstatewarriors @pmccaw0 Patrick McCaw. He killed it out here at the Summer League. Thank you Patrick for being a customer at Towbin Dodge!!!
@Shaq and @ChopTowbin ... choppin' it up a bit!
#BIG THANK YOU to @Shaq for this post!!! I really appreciate it!! One of the most surreal moments of my life was when #shaq walked up to me at a celeb event wearing a hat 🎩 that made him like 7'4 and said in his #shaqdesiel voice "I'm a big fan" I'm looking around like of who? me ?? I'll never forget that. Congratulations on @shareefoneal Championship win!!! Good seeing the #bigfella this week #greatdad #champion #bigfella #celebritycardealer #kingofcars #choptowbin #Towbinautomotive Shaq: Follow my man CHOP aka #KingOfCars is that car plug !! Celebrity Car Dealer that has sold 116 cars to @floydmayweather . Named #1 Dodge dealer in the world for years. He's partners with @tyrese in #Voltronmotors custom Jeeps . They are 🔥🔥 Hit @choptowbin for him to Chop the car price on any car. @towbinauto has 19 franchises Chop it! From Dodge to Ferrari
A dream can become reality, with execution.
This is #15 of only 80 made!!! It's the Mopar edition and it would look better in your garage than our showroom !!
#sold sold sold ! Just came in on trade !! Hit us up for affordable wranglers of all kinds. #prestigechryslerjeepdodge #prestigeoffroadedition #liftedjeep #jeepwrangler #custom #offroad #forsale
#BigBody #newbody #s550 Many to choose from ! 59,999 well over 100k new . As many as 40 #Mercedes in stock at one time. That price tho #towbinautomotive #luxurycar #celebritycardealer #kingofcars
#15 of 80 blue ones total ! Swipe left .This baby just landed at #prestigechryslerjeepdodge this is the Mopar Edition. Very Limited #collectercar #mopar #dodge #towbindodge
It's 4th of July . Today is gonna be a big day!! #thechopper #prestigechryslerjeepdodge #prestigeoffroadedition
Wait What !?! 💰
That booty tho #lastdayofthemonth don't come to our dealerships if you don't like saving 💰💰💰 #towbindodge #prestigechryslerjeepdodge #towbinfiatalfaromeo
No ! What !?!