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Love the Chipuffalo Wings @thunderbirdckn at Dinerama!! Perfect, crispy flats with a beautiful little hit of Chipotle Buffalo flavour!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Sometimes you just gotta stop and smile when life gives you @josieswinch just around the corner! Oreo Brownie Pancakes make the world go round!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Oh.Wow...The Triple from @bleeckerburger! Back in the day, Bleecker was the first thing to convince me London food was fucking up there with the absolute best! The guys are legends and the burgers unbelievable! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
June is #NationalSteakhouse month and yesterday I took down the STK Lovers menu! Smashed a trio of beef to start, then the main event - beautiful braised beef rib and Sirloin steak!! #tomsbigeats #STKlover Snapchat: tomsbigeats
This bad boy is on the specials @hawksmoorrestaurants Seven Dials NOW! Me and @theperceptioncoach smashed into fried chicken thigh, Kansas City red sauce and chilli cheese sauce! Who'd have thought one of London's best steak joints could NAIL fried chicken too! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Man I fucking love the Nacho crusted Mac and Cheese Balls down @redstruebbq!! The Mac:Cheese:Crunch ratio is absolutely PERFECT! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
HOW have I only just got hold of this XL Tomahawk Pork Rib from @eatlagom down at Dinerama?! A real @streetfeastldn game changer!! Such good flavour! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
When it's 28° outside at 6pm, these are the words you need to hear..."Warm Doughnuts with Lemon Cheesecake Mousse, Shortbread Crumble and Brown Butter Ice Cream". Trust me, you NEED this weeks special @you_doughnut!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats @streetfeastldn DINERAMA
Just remember that food like this exists just a @redstruebbq away! Double double donut Cheeseburger!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Just living for the next @thecookieexperienceuk box!! ALL CHOCOLATE PLEEEEEEEAAZE! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Back on the train and there's only one place I'm heading to first! If you've never been, you need @streetfeastldn in your life! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Can't WAIT to get back up to @burgerandbeyond tomorrow @streetfeastldn DINERAMA! One of everything please! 🙋 #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Fried. Chicken. Eggs. Benedict! Some of the most beautiful words to ever be printed on a menu! @josieswinch making me happy erry day! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
The 'livest' Instagram post I've done in a long time. These BEAUTIFUL Chicken and Chorizo Tacos are going down right now - massive thanks to @kevinandamanda for the perfect recommendation!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Beautiful Carb Killa Croissant Toastie Pockets!! #tomsbigeats @grenadeofficial
Getting them Saturday Night meatball feels from @pigbleeckernyc c/o the legendary @cheatdayeats!! Throwback to a great weekend eating big with some great people! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Putting a Cheeseburger in a Sourdough Grilled Cheese is absolute perfection!! @josieswinch continue to kill it with their new menu!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
YESSSSSS! Just got to try out the BRAND NEW menu @josieswinch!! It. Is. Special!! Some incredible food on there, so happy to welcome these Oreo Brownie Pancakes to the world!! ☝️ Check out my stories and Snapchat for more! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
When you add candied bacon to the @dirtyboneslondon Spicy Chicken Burger 😍😍😍!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
When it comes to fries (and a few other things in life), the dirtier the better!! @7boneburgerco OFF MENU hook up > CHEESY BACON FRIES!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats