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Got another fucking awesome delivery from @thecookieexperienceuk today!! Love their S'mores ones! Might have customised with a touch extra @nutella too!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
The bark on these Pork Ribs @hotboxldn 😍😍😍!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
It's FRY Day!! Would LOVE me some of this @clintonstbakingco buttermilk chicken and waffles right now!! And to be back out in NYC hanging tough with @cheatdayeats and @stirandstyle!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Sometimes the beauty of a burger is in the absolute saucy, cheesy MESS it sits in! Incredible Buffalo Chicken Burger down @chuckburgerbar!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Kicking it up a notch @hotboxldn with the beautiful slow smoked Pulled Pork Cheeseburger!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
LONDON BABY 🇬🇧🇬🇧!! It's all red buses and gangster Ice Cream!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Nutella and Reese's Peanut Butter stuffed Protein Pancakes thanks to @musclefooduk & @grenadeofficial!! MuscleFood -£5 BIGEATS5 Grenade -25% BIGEATS25 #tomsbigeats #sponsored
Mac and Cheeeeese!! @tarshishlondon #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Errr, yes, I'd say @chuckburgerbar is DEFINITELY worth a visit! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
There's ice cream, and then there's upside down vanilla bean ice cream topped with a sugar waffle, strawberry cake roll and sprinkles!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Mixed shish grill!! Of course with Mac and Cheese, why not?!! Absolutely perfect food and scenes going down @tarshishlondon!! Always good to catch up with @thinkingfood247 and @londonfoodboy. #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Blondie / Brownie Cookie Dough Skillet!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats