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Now and always, it's RONALD'S TIME!! @7boneburgerco 😍😍 #tomsbigeats #dirtysexyburgers
Oreo, M&M and Marshmallow Nutella Chocolate Cookie Skillet! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
The BEAUTIFUL doughnut balls @asiadecubauk in Covent Garden! Definitely get a mix of both Salted Caramel and Chocolate Fudge sauces 😍😍😍 #tomsbigeats
Showing mad love to @thecookieexperienceuk for keeping me STACKED in Chocolate S'mores and Reese's Stuffed Cookies 24/7!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Badass burgers need badass sides!! Everyone knows you add cheese and bacon to anything and I'm yours! 😍 @marlowes_tw Cheesy Bacon Fries! #tomsbigeats #ad Snapchat: tomsbigeats
This one NEVER gets old!! Oreo Brownie Cookie Dough Pie!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
*MIGHT* have got a little carried away with the incredible burgers today over @marlowes_tw!! The double 6oz Dirty Burger August special is a Level 1 essential! #tomsbigeats #ad Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Starting this incredible food day off PERFECTLY with the beautiful Fried Chicken Benedict @josieswinch!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
I took one of EVERY type of @thecookieexperienceuk Chocolate Cookies and baked them into this beautiful giant marshmallow cookie pie!! Absolute home delivery foodporn! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Tonight's dinner - Venison Burger Blue Cheese Patty Melt! Using @musclefooduk awesome Venison Burgers! Still pulled this in pretty lean! Use the code BIGEATS5 to get £5 off any order! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
The HUUUUUGE USDA beef rib @hotboxldn hanging out down @streetfeastldn Hawker House! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Oh wow!! The #NationalBurgerDay line-up is INSANE!! Can't wait to get down! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Is FRYday yet?? 🍟🍟 @othersidefried dirty and cajun fries making hump day fly by!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Absolutely beautiful soft baked Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough with Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Toffee sauce @theoasthousemcr! 😍😍😍 #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
Sometimes you gotta go OTT! For those occasions, I like to get a whole BBQ tray in my Burger. The legendary Pitmaster Burger @redstruebbq!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
So @foodbible and @eatmcr took me to try the bakery out @albertsschloss - Cinnamon Roll Croissant Dough Scroll and OH. MY. GOD. that chocolate sauce!! So good I dipped olives, pretzel and fries into it! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
So the guys @saltshed were challenged to create a beautiful pork dish to add as a special to their menu...let's just say they've excelled themselves!! Beautiful filleted pork medallions marinated, double grilled and served in a honey mustard glaze with mixed fries and a sweet chimichurri dressing! The boys have just proven that pork dishes don't have to be dry or lacking flavour, but can be used incredibly well and easy enough to cook at home. Makes a great alternative to beef! #ad #pickpork
BREAKFAST GOALS!! Reese's Puffs with @grenadeofficial White Chocolate Carb Killa Shake is everything dreams are made of! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
BEAUTIFUL hanging pork belly kebab we chilli sweet potato fries @theoasthousemcr!! #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats
It's FRI [ed Chicken] Day!! Finally got to swing by and see @chicken_george_jnr after hanging with them as they won Best British Takeaway last December! Star of the show? The perfect whole, beer sous vide fried chicken!! Also keep an eye on their beautiful pork ribs! 😍😍 #tomsbigeats Snapchat: tomsbigeats