Thunder & Bolt 🐷🐷⚑️

Thunder & Bolt 🐷🐷⚑️ @thunderboltpigs

Two brothers growing up in the lightning capital of the world and training to become therapy pigs

It’s a wrap! The babies had so much fun meeting hundreds 😳 of friends today! Thanks for coming out and thanks to our @hydeparkvillage family for having us! Until next time 🐷🐷⚑️
Pigselfie 🐷🐷⚑️
It’s not all fun and games over here. We train hard too! Tag someone whose dog could learn a few tricks from these pigs 🐷🐷⚑️
3, 2, 1 . . . Achoo 🐷🐷⚑️
These are their poker faces ♠️ 🐷🐷⚑️
This went on for 5 minutes 🐷🐷⚑️
This pic was taken right after they threw their coins in the fountain. What do you think they wished for 🐷🐷⚑️
Bolt is wondering where his 🍭 is. We had lots of fun scouting out the VIP grass for our meet and greet this Saturday from 1-3 in @hydeparkvillage. Are you coming! #boltstinkeye 🐷🐷⚑️
Fun fact about Thunder: he has one blue eye and one brown eye 🐷🐷⚑️
Bolt is in the running to make the @guinnessworldrecords for longest tongue 🐷🐷⚑️
Bolt knows how to work the camera. He’s the son of an #overposting mom 🐷🐷⚑️
Maybe if we all sit extremely still Monday won’t be able to see us 🐷🐷⚑️
Never underestimate a pig in a shark costume 🦈 🐷🐷⚑️
πŸ‘» BOO 🐷🐷⚑️
Thunder even smiles when he’s sleeping 🐷🐷⚑️
Bolt’s reaction when we told him to get out of bed this am 🐷🐷⚑️
Lazy Friday afternoon at their favorite waterfront park 🐷🐷⚑️
He is not impressed. #boltstinkeye 🐷🐷⚑️
They shook their heads when asked if they were making mud pies πŸ€”. Not buying it🐷🐷⚑️
#tbt to when Thunder used R2D2 as a booty scratcher. Awkward 🐷🐷⚑️