We're gonna stream the show on my live feed thingee today! Yay! #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics
This is me, attempting to prepare for today's talk on tax reform on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics We will have guest Mark Mazur with us - Mark is an American economist who served as Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy in the US Dept of the Treasury. He knows what he's talking about. I don't. 7e/4p on @radioandysxm 📈💲🇺🇸 💰
What a pleasure and how lucky I felt to be able to interview @michaelausiello about his book #SpoilerAlertTheHeroDies at @bneventsgrove I sincerely mean this: it is such a wonderful read, it's such a moving true account of what Michael and his husband Kit went through, it's a damn-funny page-turner, it gives the reader such a new, needed perspective on their own life, I feel... I also feel you might love it if you get a chance to check it out. Thank you, @michaelausiello for letting me talk to you about it: it was a joy to do so. ❤️
Talkin' 'bout the UN (that stands for United Nations, y'all) on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics on @radioandysxm 7e/4p John Negroponte will be joining us.
Link in profile to the woman on the left, Edie Windsor, who passed away today and had a large hand in ensuring that the event in the pic on the right - my wedding - was able to happen at all. ❤️
I cannot speak highly enough of @michaelausiello 's upcoming book, #SpoilerAlertTheHeroDies but I will try to, when I host a Q and A with the author at @barnesandnoble at The Grove on September 16 at 2pm. The book is officially available on September 12 and it manages to be extremely moving, terribly funny and a page-turning quick read at the same time. I flew through it, even while literally sobbing at too many moments to count (don't let that scare you - it's still unbelievably uplifting, too). Again, I find it hard to express, the depth of my appreciation for this book, but I am very grateful to have the chance to talk with @michaelausiello about it. Come out and see us if you can!
I've linked in my profile to one of the places I have donated to in the effort to help those in Houston and in Texas with the immediate needs and the rebuilding efforts to come. This has been organized by @justinjames99 and it has momentum that is heart warming, to say the least, as they have topped over 11 million in contributions - so far. People are making such personal efforts to try and help others through this situation and I will post about even more of them. Thank you to JJ for making this one happen. #ilovehouston #ilovetexas
Thinking about and praying for all my family in friends in Texas. The storm isn't over and so here are some emergency numbers to call if you need help: do not rely on social media alone to summon help if your situation is dire. Also a link in my profile to donate to Red Cross, if you are able. #ilovetexas #ilovehouston
Nice visit from a very persistent red dragon fly today... never seen one hover at the window staring inside like this one did... really seemed to want to chat... still keeps coming around... I'm listening! I'm listening! Or I'm trying to...! 👋🐉🕊
Afghanistan, today on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics on @radioandysxm at 7e/4p photo by @damonwinter for @nytimes
Friends on the Fox lot! Hi, @bravoandy 👋😀
Huge recommendation: this episode of Song Exploder. @songexploder is a great podcast (thanks for the intro, Claire!) matched with a fantastic artist ( @maggierogers Thanks for the intro, @wfuv !) and it just comes together better than peanut butter and chocolate, this particular episode. At least it did for me. I may have cried a little 😢hahahahahahaha Seriously though. ❤️
Thank you to Willow and Lillyrose for my fantastic handmade card! I love it and it was so great meeting you both on set today! Show tape night #2 here we go...
Congrats to my mom, who is absolutely taking retirement by the horns: today is the first first-day-of-school in DECADES that she hasn't had to report for duty and look what she did instead: finished a margarita and started on a dessert sundae before 1:30 pm! My hero. #lifelessons ❤️🍾😀
Mexican food! Saturday night! 🌮ps I am not alone. Todd was in the bathroom. Just wanted you to know...
Today on #jimparsonsistoostupidforpolitics we're talking all things "immigration." Our guest is Irene Bloemraad, a professor of sociology at UC Berkeley and an expert on today's topic. Join us on @radioandysxm at 7e/4p
I just did my third film with Ann Dowd (Garden State; Gardener of Eden; A Kid Like Jake) and, for the third time, I fell in love. There could not be a kinder, more intelligent friend to hang with when the cameras aren't rolling. That being said, the work she does as an actress when the cameras ARE rolling is astonishing and can sometimes make you forget how kind she is (and that's a compliment!). I've linked in my profile to a piece about her in which @justintheroux and @carriecoon also gush about Ann. Ann is nominated for two Emmys this year: one for #theleftovers and one for #thehandmaidstale If you don't know Ann (or even if you do!), check it out. ❤️👍
So many things in the world are absolutely baffling to me right now. This ice sculpture, however, truly represents some welcome consistency. Happy season 11, @bigbangtheory_cbs It all feels normal and unbelievable at the same time ❤️Tape night number 1; 23 to go!