“Climbing is for everyone. Not once has someone looked at me and said 'Oh, you only have one hand - you shouldn't be here.' Everyone is different - some are short, some are tall, some are missing limbs, some are blind - but we all climb. We share more in our passions than we do in our differences. We should always be finding ways to challenge ourselves and others, and climbing walls is my way of expressing that drive.” - @MoinMountains #ClimbWalls
We partnered with @MaggieRogers to pair her new single ‘Split Stones’ with the release of Ventrix, our latest cold weather technology. Our insulated Ventrix jacket works when you do, releasing excess body heat through dynamic ventilation that opens and closes with motion. These micro vents balance warmth and breathability as you move through any activity in wet, cold conditions. Shop the Ventrix Jacket by clicking the link in our bio and visit thenorthface.com/releaseproject to unlock the full song. #Ventrix
Braapcountry. Photo by @JakeDyson / @SherpasCinema
“Growing up my experience in the outdoors included mostly kids who looked like me.  When I was 16 years old, I traveled to Alaska for a backpacking course in the Talkeetna Range.  On that course, I was one of two black kids out of the entire group.  It wasn’t until that moment that I realized there was and remains a tremendous adventure gap. More people of color should experience what it feels like to come alive in the outdoors. The future depends on it.” - @Tyrhee.Moore, a member of the first all African American Denali Expedition. Photos by @_ClaytonBoyd_ and Hudson Henry #ClimbWalls
"The trails plus the people of UTMB make it safe to say these mountains and this race series are forever ingrained in me. We owe future generations the opportunity to experience this stuff: whether it's the trails, people, and/or races. That takes conservation and protection of open land." - @Clare_Gallagher_Runs. We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Congratulations for winning the CCC at Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc yesterday in Chamonix Clare. Photos by @Kirsten.Kortebein
Clear skies, full hearts. Photo by @RepoMeister
“Climbing can be a variety of things, but for me it has been an exploration of the physical world as well as of my own self.  I’ve discovered more about who I am as a human and my connections to others through climbing than anything else in my life.  It’s been my vehicle for experiencing the world and a testing ground for my perceived limitations and potential.  I believe that giving others the opportunity to challenge themselves, connect with people, and discover their own passion is incredibly powerful.  It can change lives, build stronger communities, and create a better world.” - @EmilyAHarrington. Photos by @LouderThan11, @CBezamat, and @Jimmy_Chin. #ClimbWalls
Climb comfy, camp comfy. Say hello to our furry friend, the Campshire (link in bio.) Photos by @_ClaytonBoyd_
No hangboard, no problem. Our women's tee is back in stock, shop the collection and share the message with the link in our bio. Photo of @Pfaff_Anna by @Sav.Cummins
“The more I've climbed, met people, spent time at gyms that foster affirming LGBTQ positive spaces, the more I've found a community of people with whom I share not just a passion for climbing, but also a queer identity, a shared sense of support and empowerment that goes beyond nailing that crux pitch.” - Emily Carraux, an instructor with @OutThereAdv. Photos by @_ClaytonBoyd_ #ClimbWalls
Things are starting to look up. Photo of @EmilyAHarrington by @TaraKerzhner
The perfect send shirt. Shop the collection and share the message by clicking the link in our bio. Photo by @JimMorrison #ClimbWalls
Some people build walls. Other people climb them. We’re doing both. We’ve spent 50 years searching for walls to climb because, to us, they offer both challenge and opportunity and they fan the flames of our curiosity. Climbing has taught us to trust, to work together, to create safety in partnership and meaning out of hardship. We see walls as a place to unite our community, so we’re building walls that reflect the world we want to see. Walls are meant for climbing. We are donating $1 million to @TrustForPublicLand to help build public climbing walls in U.S. communities. Visit thenorthface.com/walls (link in bio) to learn more. #ClimbWalls
Morning Scramble. Photo by @_Clayton_Boyd
@AlexHonnold and @EmilyAHarrington finish a free ascent of "Solar Flare" (5.12d) in the high Sierra of California. Photo by @Jimmy_Chin
Mandatory: Morning pour-over Coffee. Optional: All other things. Photo of @HilareeOneill by Chris Figenshau
Anything to get that 100th day. Video by @Markus1Eder
@CedarWright, ladies and gentlemen. Photo by @Andy_Bardon
Strong fingers can only get you so far. Photo by @TedHesser
@Jake_Blauvelt makes a bank deposit at the 2017 Rat Race. Check out our story for a look into the event. Photo by @DarcyBacha