@CedarWright just found out it's a 3 day weekend. Moments later he remembered his entire life is a 3 day weekend. He still looked like this. Photo by @Andy_Bardon
Adventure Not War is the story of three U.S. veterans traveling back into the mountains of Iraq on a mission to heal wounds and experience the country and its culture without the shadow of war. Watch the full video in our bio.
It's better to be overhung than hungover. Photo by @Greg_Mionske
From @HillareeOneil, “A dream of mine since I first saw the "Peak of Evil" aka Papsura in 1999 was to climb and ski this beautiful majestic mountain. A week ago today the dream became a reality. It was bigger, steeper, scarier, harder than I ever imagined. Possibly the hardest single day I've ever had in the mountains. To the best of my knowledge, we made first American ascent by a new route, first ski descent of the peak. It was amazing yet, all said and done, I am relieved it's over but it's a tangle of emotions. I proved a lot to myself making this climb and ski happen yet there is the inevitable void now that it's done.” Photos by @jxnfigs.
Hillary Allen ( @hillygoat_climbs) hits the showers after a podium finish at @Transvulcania. Photo by @DrozPhoto
Eat organic. Photo by @DaveyWilson
The Homestead Collection, go sight seeing in an upgraded site scene. Check out the link in our bio for more. Photos by @Andy_Bardon
To all the badass mountain mamas out there, happy Mother’s Day from us. Watch the full video by clicking the link in our bio.
Bathangs make you taller. Photo by @BearCam
Accio, Zach Miller, our newest team member at TNF. Born in Kenya and raised in the Amish country of Lancaster, PA, this ultra-running wizard is now living in an off-the-grid cabin at Barr Camp in CO. Fun fact: Zach spent a year on a cruise ship where he trained for, and won, the JFK 50 Mile & Lake Sonoma 50 Mile. Welcome to the family, @ZachMiller38. Photos by @_clayton_boyd
Boy, that's just a straight shooter with upper management written all over him. Photo by @TedHesser
We’re spending time today strongly urging government leaders to remain in the Paris Agreement on climate change. The North Face, along with the global economy, is moving to a low-carbon, energy and resource efficient model. Action on climate change is not only in the best interest of our company – to stay competitive and protect our outdoor playgrounds – it’s also in service to future generations, including young athletes and explorers. As a signatory of Business Backs Low-Carbon USA and a member of BICEP since 2009, we power our headquarters with 100% renewable electricity, offset 100% of our emissions, and will continue to do our part, in our own operations and beyond, to realize the Paris Agreement’s commitment to a global economy that limits global temperature rise. 📷: @Renan_Ozturk