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We’ve got a thing for mountains. Enjoy a bit of ridiculous from The North Face family. #NeverStopExploring

The down parka that’s kept you warm for 10 years isn’t trash just because of a busted zipper. You’ve got memories with that jacket, and our staff in the warranty department—some with over 30 years of expertise—want to guarantee that journey continues. No two repairs are exactly alike, making the process more like a re-creation than a simple repair. We hold onto an enormous stockpile of fabric and hardware that dates all the way back to 1950, because you can’t patch a vintage Steep Tech jacket without the fabric that made it in the first place. Of course it’d be easier to replace than re-create. But our original lifetime warranty was designed to keep gear out of landfills, minimizing our impact on the environment. Check out our packs backed by our lifetime warranty by clicking the link in our bio.
Baby got back. Photo by @Preston__Allen
We discovered this drawing of our ’73 Kak Sack deep in our catalog archives. This pack became the beacon of durable, thoughtful design that we continue to feature in our backpacks today. We’ve brought back three of our old designs for an updated heritage collection. These things are worth saving, so we build them to last and back them with our lifetime warranty. Check out the packs at (link in bio)
Take a peak at our story for a little behind the scenes action of @AlexHonnold (without a rope, again) at @JimmyKimmelLive last night. Photo by @KarissaLFrye
@HilareeOneill straddles the cowboy arete on Cassin Ridge two weeks ago on Denali. Photo by @JimWMorrison
A quick look at your grandpa’s route to school (both ways.) Photo of @TimothyAllenOlson by @FMarmsaterPhoto
Gold Butte National Monument, located northeast of Las Vegas, protects nearly 300,000 acres of desert landscapes. It features an array of natural and cultural resources, including rock art, sandstone towers, and significant wildlife habitat for species including the threatened Mojave Desert tortoise, bighorn sheep, and mountain lion. Without protection under the Antiquities Act, these ecological and historical treasures could become threatened. Today is the last day to submit your comments for national monuments protection. Share your voice by clicking the link in our bio.
Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument is in the top 10% of places for its mammal diversity and wildlife spotting in the U.S., in part because it serves as an important wildlife corridor between two major mountain ranges. Losing its protection as a monument could put wildlife at risk and reduce opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, rafting, swimming, fishing, and horseback riding. Submit your comments by this Monday, 7/10, to help protect this and other national monuments (link in bio).
Look, Johnny. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. Photo by @IanMcIntosh
These hills have thighs. Photo by @RScura
@Hadhammer celebrates America's birthday in style. Photo by @Andy_Bardon
@CedarWright puts up a first ascent on the Cat formation in Kenya. Photo by @TedHesser
@renan_ozturk and @m_synnott travel to Nepal with National Geographic to experience the last traditional honey harvest. Click the link in bio to watch exclusive, behind the scenes footage of the harvest.
“A heartbreaking day, it was hard as shit! But I'm proud of my effort and for putting it all on the line,” @Clare_Gallagher_Runs on her past weekend at @WesternStates100. Photo by Alexis Berg
"What's next after a historic free solo of El Cap? No rest for the wicked, @AlexHonnold met up with @Renan_Ozturk in Alaska's Great Ruth Gorge to explore one the great big-wall playgrounds on earth. Pictured here they are atop the 15 pitch Stump spire after a 5.11r first free ascent with Mt Dickey's massive 5,000ft wall looming across the glacier. Stay tuned for the short film and a deeper dive into this majestic landscape within Denali National Park." - Renan Ozturk #TheGreatGorge Photo by @Renan_Ozturk
Black and white and shred all over. Photo of @NickMcNutt by @ReubenKrabbe
No caption needed. Photo of @MargoJain by @Jan_Novak_Photography
The sun won’t be up this late again for 31,536,000 seconds. However you solstice - don’t stop until you see starlight. Photo by @Andrew_Miller
When injury cut @tatummonod's season short her dad told her to rub some dirt on it and come fly fishing. Happy Father’s Day. And don’t make us turn this car around. Watch the full link in our bio.
Not too hot, not too cold, this jacket's just right for Mr. Goldy Locks over here. Photo of @TimothyAllenOlson by @Greg_Mionske