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Vegan as fuck.

Piaf ain't down with @davesitek's DJ skillz. 👽
So proud of this baby! The Saint+Sinner palette is finally here! 🖤 [this limited edition beauty is available now on: katvondbeauty.com] 🖤 @katvondbeauty #katvondbeauty #vegan #crueltyfree #SaintandSinner
Ni si quiera un terremoto los podrá destruir o derrotar. ✊🏽🇲🇽 #FuerzaMéxico
Ciao, Italia! 🖤 Off to Barcelona now!
Last day in Florence, working alongside my vegan-sister: @minkshoes - whom I've proudly partnered with to create #VonDshoes! 👯🖤 For all those asking, here's the low down on my upcoming shoe line: •aiming to launch VonD shoes early 2018 •yes, I'll be making sizes ranging from 5-12 •yes, I'll be including several unisex designs for all my homeboys [including sneakers, combat boots, slip ons + creepers] •yes, VonD shoes will be sold/shipped internationally •yes, I'm making flats, too! •no, VonD shoes will not be made up of any animal-harming material [this includes sourcing out substitutes for leather, reptile, wool, silk, fur, feathers, and animal based adhesives. •yes, we have ethically sourced synthetic/organic/recycled materials, and I'm excited to share with you some of these innovative fabrics that are gonna blow your mind! •pricing: as always, I aim to make #crueltyfree + #vegan products that are accessible + affordable. With that said, these shoes are not made in China, and instead are handcrafted by artisan manufacturers. Made with love + care here in Italy. So no, they ain't gonna be as cheap as Payless Shoes, but they aren't gonna be Rodeo Drive prices either. 🖤
Can we take a moment to appreciate how fucking sexy this heel turned out?! 🖤 This is a pair of concealed-platform spectator heels I designed for my #vegan shoe line. Glossy black patent leather detail on matte black leather [non-animal based, of course!] #VonDshoes #comingsoon
Day 2 of working on my upcoming #vegan shoe line. 🖤 #VonDshoes #comingsoon
Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee. 🖤 [song: "cannibal song" by ministry]
Sneak peek of the back-zipped moto-boot I designed. This is just a prototype, so there's still a few adjustments [like adding a bit more height so it reaches slightly above the shin]. The top portion folds down if you wanna be all pirate about it. And man! Can I just say this vegan-leather is not only durable as fuck, but hugs your ankles in all the right places. I'm gonna be wearing the hell outta these! 🖤 #VonDshoes #comingsoon #vegan #crueltyfree
Crystallized. Geometric. Sculpted custom heels. 🖤🗡 Seriously can't wait to finally launch this shoe line! #VonDshoes #comingsoon #vegan
Day 1 of working on my upcoming #vegan shoe collection. Sizing up heels for this pair of post-apocalyptic asymmetrical vegan-leather heels I designed. 🖤 #VonDshoes #comingsoon
Look who I randomly ran into while walking around admiring Gothic/Renaissance architecture in Florence: @heartlessrevival + @mattriser 🖤🖤🖤
Feliz cumpleaños, Mami! 💖✨
ITALIA! Mi hermosa Madre y yo estamos aquí! Landed safe n' sound and are ready to party! 👯🖤 #MomVonD
Off to Italy with #MomVonD! So excited to visit the #vegan shoe factory where my shoe line is currently being produced! 🖤
...and here is what that sheet music I just posted, translates to in piano form. Don't worry - my album is not a buncha sad acoustic songs. It's a buncha sad synth-y type songs. 🖤 *ps. gonna go ahead and apologize for my voice right now - literally just woke up, and haven't done any vocal warm ups yet.
I started playing [classical] piano at the age of 5. Although, I'm grateful to my parents for forcing our daily hours of practice during childhood, I do admit that sheet music is a bit of a crutch for me now. I really should start building my memory repertoire instead of always relaying on reading. This here, is the sheet music for a song I wrote called Satellite. Can't wait to finally share and release this damn album I've been keeping to myself for the past few years - so I can start writing again. 🖤 #playmoreinstruments #pianoparty #thisshitaintbeethovenbutatleastitsreal
BRAZIL! If you guys are lucky enough to run into my #KvDArtistryCollective girls: @juscallmetara + @sstrazzere during the launch of @katvondbeauty in São Paulo, please give them a big hug for me! Wish I was there to celebrate with everyone over at @SephoraBrasil! 🖤
Just pulled up to @mercyforanimals for my Facebook Live Q&A with @nathanrunkle at NOON! Tune in on my Facebook [link in bio] - we're gonna be taking your questions Live! 🖤
Good morning indeed! 🖤🦇