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Community is strength. 💚 ••• Teams of 3 give the last man standing a boost as he works through his final sandbag cleans. ••• 📷 @richardveytsman
Welcome to Friday. Let's finish this week strong 💪🏼 ••• Pro Individual Connor Nellans of @fastfactoryfitness clearing that final rung of the 3-2-1 Clean ladder on Saturday evening in the NHC. #granitegames ••• 📷 @metconphotos
‪Work hard. PR harder.‬ ‪This is too good not to share again, so we're enjoying a little #throwbackthursday action to 3-2-1 Clean on day ✌🏼 of the 2017 @killcliff Granite Games.‬ ‪ #granitegames‬
Much more than fitness. ••• Lon Allen's family celebrates after the Masters 45-49 Athlete takes 4th in Cycle on day one. Lon walked away from the weekend in 🥈 overall. #granitegames ••• 📷 @alicia_a_baldwin
You can't skip the struggle. ••• Masters 55+ Athlete Landon Barretto is determined and focused as he contends with the 125 # @roguefitness sandbag in Husky Stadium. #granitegames ••• 📷 @metconphotos
"Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records." - William Arthur Ward ••• @johnswanson27 told Athletes the weekend was about embracing adversity. They rose to the challenge. ••• #Repost @johnswanson27 ( @get_repost) ・・・ Lindsey Cascarina held an 8:34 split and @scottcottrill an 8:12 split, both in @511tactical weighted vests, while traversing the hills of a local ski resort. To say their performance was impressive is an understatement to say the least. #granitegames ••• 📷 @tairandallphoto
Here we see 2017 Pro Individual champ Saxon Panchik in his natural habitat, crushing all the weights. ••• 📷 @metconphotos
Masters 55+ Mark Ellison cleans up on 3-2-1 Clean, taking 3rd overall for the event. #granitegames ••• 📷 @ginniecolemanphotography
Andrea Nisler cycles through her shoulder to overhead during Team Cycle. Both the men and women of Community Team HIDDENGYM locked down 🥈place finishes in the event. The team went on to take 🥇overall for the weekend. ••• 📷 @richardveytsman
Your biggest battle happens in the space between your ears. ••• 2017 Pro Men's Team of 3 champs Bilingual Bandits Bilingue grind out that 400 m trek down the field in Squat Run Chipper. #granitegames ••• 📷 @jblaisphoto
Monday got you feeling down? Turn it around and make it a great week! #granitegames ••• Community Teams sync up for Deadman Walking. ••• 📷 @jblaisphoto
You showed up in droves to cheer on every division, from Scaled to Pro. We couldn't be prouder of this community you've helped us build! #granitegames ••• Scaled ladies Team of 3 WOD Were We Thinking beams post-2014 Final 2.0 on day 2. ••• 📷 @tubbs_photos ••• #Repost @johnswanson27 ( @get_repost) ・・・ One of the coolest parts of @thegranitegames was seeing all the fans show up for every division.
Work hard. PR harder. ••• Intermediate Men's Teams of 3 square off with 2014 Final 2.0. #granitegames ••• 📷 @richardveytsman
No fear. No distractions. ••• Teen Rachel Hostetler gets to work during Cycle. ••• 📷 @alicia_a_baldwin
Si te cansas, a descansar, no a renunciar. (If you get tired, rest, but don't quit.) ••• Fittest woman in Latin America Brenda Castro blazes through 3-2-1 Clean Saturday night in the NHC, clearing the ladder in 2:41. #granitegames #proindividual ••• 📷 @alicia_a_baldwin
Push yourself. And then surround yourself with those who will push you further still. ••• Pro Team TaylorMade takes on Team Cycle in the NHC. ••• 📷 @metconphotos
The home gym of the Granite Games is hiring! @fastfactoryfitness is seeking full and part-time coaches to join their team. ••• The Factory's looking for 1-2 experienced and dedicated individuals to help them realize athletes' fitness goals. ••• Are we describing you? Visit their page for details on how to apply!
Missed all the action last weekend? @floelite can help. Re-live all the excitement of the 2017 @killcliff Granite Games on their site! Masters coverage is up now, expect the rest to be available early next week! [LINK IN BIO] #granitegames
Team CF 8035 - B Squad brings their A game on Deadman Walking. 📷 @ginniecolemanphotography
Drop your excuses at the door. You don't need that extra baggage weighing you down. ••• Azalia Rodriguez on the rings for Community Team Flower City CrossFit as teammate Lindsey Grasis awaits her turn. #granitegames #communityteam 📷 @richardveytsman