Ellen @theellenshow


I’ve never seen these on Amazon.
Alex Knoll is creating something amazing. I’m so happy I could help him on his journey.
It’s all fun and games until you get into a romper accident. Watch tomorrow. @howiemandel
This is exactly what my house is like when I'm at work. #PetDish
No sunburns today.
Batman, Beetlejuice, Birdman, Mr. Mom, they’re all here today. And we played my new game “Burning Questions” @michaelkeatondouglas
What did @BravoAndy plead the fifth to? Find out today!
Watch this couple lose it when they find out what they're having. And then watch them lose it again five minutes later… tomorrow.
Bitches up in the crib.
@NickiMinaj and I have so much in common.
@RobingWright told me Donald Trump is stealing all of their ideas for "House of Cards"