Manasi Deshpande

Manasi Deshpande @thecomicalcyanide

Happy-go-lucky artist from Mumbai living multiple lives and making multiple cartoons. 🌈Coffee addict and a traveler 🐒Visual storyteller

The never ending dilemma!
I always knew I was talented. 😆 #ThoughtfulThursday
Nothing kills more than anxiety and self-doubt. 😶 #mentalhealth
Sending some #mondaymotivation today! (P.S: For all those who said they missed my comics, I am soooo sorry for not updating regularly. I have been occupied with work but I will try my best to make comics whenever possible. Thank you for all the love and support😘)
I mean what I say. (Mostly)😛
Straight from the gallery of Mario Miranda, my favorite artist!😍
No matter how much pain I take. My hair always ends up in a mess!😶
It's okay to fail. Failure is the best teacher. Here is some morning motivation and good vibes today!🤗
Old but true. Have a happy Sunday!🤗
When anxiety got super mad. #FridayFeeling (Swipe left) (P.S: sorry for not posting often. Just a little occupied with work but I promise to keep posting regularly!💐)
Food cycle😆 What do you do when you don't get food?
This is for you if you hate unsolicited advice. 😆
Do I even have a choice?😶
Sending some sea vibes on a boring Monday!💐
A lot of us like being alone. There's nothing better than self love and nothing simpler than solitude. Sometimes, we like our own company and do not prefer social obligations. It's okay to be alone. It's okay to enjoy your own company. It's okay to come home alone to your own music, to the depth of your books. It's okay having your coffee alone. Remember, being alone is not equivalent to loneliness. Here's something you would adore if you like being alone. #thoughtfulthursday
Never believe anything you see on instagram.😆
Public display of affection😆
Sigh🙄 (Swipe left)
If we all could just escape reality. *Evil grin* Warning: Please do not try this at home. I repeat. Do not try this at home. 😆 (Swipe Left) #thoughtfulthursday
The goal is to die with memories, not dreams.