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@entertainmentweekly Pre-Emmy party last night with the homie @sarahmjeffery 🙌
Sliding, waving, or falling? hint: i fell
Porcelain people. #expression
Latest edition of Popstar! Page 13 might be my favorite though lol I see you @dylanplayfair1!!!!
Our Jessie script supervisor Mama Suz (Susie lol), told us the first week of filming that she was going to treat us like her own boys. Safe to say we're still family 👆😆❤️
Thank you @reilynjhardy and everyone else who donated to @thirstproject! I hope the campaign inspired you all, not only to be charitable in the moment, but to be charitable for years to come. Give her a follow!
Ever noticed that the Griffin is on Boyce Avenue..? 😆🍻
Read ➡️ ...I returned from Peru about a week ago, but now that I've had time to reflect on the trip as a whole, I've realized that what impacted me the most from my time there (more than the sight of Machu Picchu, or white water rafting, or eating a traditional pachamanca feast prepared in the ground) were the locals. More specifically, the children. I didn't converse with the little girl captured above with much understanding, for the language barrier was far too strong. However, we connected through pure curiosity. I found her swinging happily around the pole pictured in the first photo. She saw me trying to snap a shot and hid from my camera. By the second, she had warmed up enough to pop out from behind the pole to try to scare me. I yelled as if I was terrified as she laughed... certain games are universal. I then sat on the ground and patted the spot next to me. She sat and I showed her the photos of herself. At first she was reluctant to get comfortable; the big camera must've seemed like some strange American sorcery. However, as I showed her more pictures she began to beam with pride and wonder. She must've looked at 50 pictures. Some of me, some of Peru, some of my "madre" and "padre" (that's about as far as my Spanish goes) and she pointed from the screen to me making the connection. I took her finger and placed it on different buttons allowing her to press them as she pleased. I eventually put the camera in her hands and her finger on the shutter. She took the next two pictures. We were able to spend 10 to 15 minutes together without understanding a word of what the other was saying. I'll never forget my little photographer buddy from Aguas Calientes.
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Transparency. Courtesy of the young men of Urubamba, Peru. ❤️🇵🇪
Peek-a-boo! Peru so far has been a change of pace that has refreshed and humbled our whole group. This community is as tight knit and welcoming as they come. Gracias!! 🇵🇪
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