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@lizeehlers pulled up to the #urbanfix. We chatted about kevin Hart cheating. She talked about a racist experience she had,song night, performing with an orchestra ensemble this weekend....this woman is so much fun and she gives alot back to our music industry. #celebrateyourown 😎
@iamtheboyjay kilt this free. Set the bar wayyy up. Catch his project #AbsoluteAbsurdity2 #fresh16s #barsbutnoliquorlicense😎 download bio
☝celebrity bday alert🎂 @dalmau_mr_skipper #Celebrateyourown 😎
☝Namibia Rap League pulled up to the hood and it was lit. Thank you to #TheWash kdal. Good 👀 out to #Pyo #Mzo and my shooters #Tjay #kondwani #Chase #Chrome #Barsareus
☝In case you missed the last battle, we taking it to the hood. Pull up😎
☝😎 #Weekender Resuscitating Namibian Hip Hop
☝droppin this record tomorrow. You know where you gonna 👂first.
☝bumped into this amazing vocalist on Friday. @chikune_official who says she is busy in the kitchen. Soon as she's ready to serve, you will 👀 here first😆
☝ 16 years ago today. We still missing you😢
☝ 19 years ago today and still the benchmark.😎
@johngregoriusofficial 🎤got next #Fresh16s this Friday. #doinitfortheculture 😎
☝ Sometime when you believe you cant let anyone tell you different. #ibelieve
☝September 2nd Bank Whk Theatre School 7:30pm #Doinitfortheculture
#tbt to when @brain_the_tool pulled up for #fresh16. @stanzo_na got next tomorrow.
@Stanzo_na got next on #Fresh16s this Friday. He will debut 2 records off his next project and drop a 16 bar freestyle. #Urbanfix is where its at. #batsbutnoliquorlicense😎
#Tb to when design prodigy @scholtzruberto pulled up so we hijacked him.😆
☝ Wedding vibes
☝The hood co-sign #Kurama