TBA Brand Apparel | ティー ビ ーエイ #throttlebrakeapex. Automotive Streetwear 🛠 FADED.EGOS.ABANDONED.TIME. 🌊✌🏼

We have a couple mediums left from our second run, and they are up online now at Once these are done this colour way will be gone. 💯👊🏼.
This Sunday at the @nextmod_mississauga BBQ we will be dropping our 2nd run of our Work Collab tees! arrive early to grab yours 💯👊🏼
Breaking Necks in the scramble. #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
Shooting in the streets of Osaka @nextmod x @workwheelsjapan collabs. Watch for our 2nd drop. #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex @yunfchama 📷 @nealwoonfat
Today at noon we start round 2 in the @tunerbattlegrounds Championships, make sure to check our project car @tbaprojectr32 and vote for us as we attempt to make some history and bring it home to the 6ix for the first time 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
We won't have a booth tomorrow at @cscsracing but we will have our GTR where will be selling our Crown Us tee and Katakana Dad's hats. Find us near the @nextmod tent. 💯👊🏼
Have you been voting daily for our @tbaprojectr32? Follow our project to get the details and join us as we attempt to make some history. #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
They tried to rat us out, they tried to take us down, they tried to turn everyone against us but we are still here. Crown Us tee in stock now. #tbabrand 🖕🏼
Last pieces from the first run of work wheels collab tee is on the online site. Snatch it up now. #tbabrand
Finally had a chance to recover from @importfest, thanks to everyone who came thru and supported 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand
See everyone tomorrow. Camo Hoodie Drop. Work Collab Drop. Crown Us Tee drop. Our first Dad hat drop. First 32 to selfie our GTR contest. 4th Annual 7 to smoke TBA BBOY Competition. Don't sleep. Find us by the main stage 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand @importfest
By far our most elaborate piece to date. 3 embroidered locations, 2 woven patches, zip removable hood, camo sequenced pattern and sleeve thumb slits. Drops Online Thursday August 24th with a reserve dedicated amount available at @importfest August 26th at the MTCC. #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex #tbabrand
To all the doubters, haters and non believers... Dropping at @importfest August 26th MTCC. #tbaAF #tbabrand #throttlebrakeapex
A lot of people asking us what we'll be dropping at @importfest on the 26th. Here is the first official drop announcement. Our first official collab with @workwheelsjapan and @nextmod. The iconic Work Box Logo printed on our staple TBA who we are pattern. FADEDEGOS*ABANDONEDTIME and 77 across the back commemorating Works 40 years in the Biz. #respect. Less than 2 weeks away. Make sure to check us out by the Main stage come the 26th. 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
Reppin. s/o to @imprezivwrxsti with his JDMBoxer holding us down 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
s/o to @mikeduhsilva for reppin the TBA crew sticker 💯👊🏼. Are you rockin one? Take a pic and tag us 🙏🏼 #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex
Gang. 🙏🏼 s/o to @colinsaliba4 for reppin us with TBA Crew sticker. Are you reppin? tag us 💯👊🏼 #tbabrand #tbaAF #throttlebrakeapex