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Got a new tattoo!! Just kidding i don't have a single tattoo but imagine! Comment your current time? Mines 5:02A.M
If you know the internet you would know how iconic this photo is @rice
Double tap and add another heart on my face so i don't die alone ❤️
My Green Turtle 🐢 And a rental home🦉
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i miss you... i miss us
pull the trigger
Catching what I can't #MyFrontRow @frontrow wearable camera! #Ad @westonlittlefield
Everything so rare @goatapp
Throwback to Barcelona before we got out on the beautiful beach with some jet skis... this is the only picture that was captured when i was in Barcelona by @bryant My prayer are with everyone involved or effect by this😞 i hope for world peace. Everyone here was so beautiful🙏🏼
2010 Was a year of facebook, fitted hats, and flannels! haha savage
Only thing we're here for is perplexing🦄 @swaelee thank you lolla! 📸 @iblamerusty
Strawberry Milk 🍓 Comment your favourite Drink!! If i agree i will follow you not even lying @taylorpersonally
I love you kev lee your a fucking legend! I hope i'm making you proud, you raised me to be a man so that's the deal -also i wore chokers in 3rd grade)
On set.... for some crazy moves! would you like some fruits?🍍🍓🍇 #magcon
Magconnnnn.... ? who else you wanna see?
Happy birthday to a young handsome friend of mine, You are cute when you don't even try to be but really you the man with the plan. (((3 New Vlogs LINKS IN MY BIO!!))
hmmmm @magcon you should do summer dates? Hmmm stay woke for updates... Where should we go?
Happy Father's day to my amazing father😁 So glad to be spending the day with you today!uploaded a throwback cause kev dean near crying cause of the new stingray haah love you pops!! #tb