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Little me. 9? Every summer I would go to Los Barriles - Baja Mexico. Had just crossed the Tropic of Cancer, and was updating my journal lol! Fake tattoos, camo with the stripes , scrunchie, milky pens and disposable cameras 🌎✌️ #itwasthe90s #oldpeoplethings #spiceworld #remember #spicegirls #roadtrip #mexico #baja #desert #throwback #disposiblecamera #milkypens #journal #littleme
When Apple looks majestic AF 🐶🌙🍎
I've got the wanderin' blues 🍭
What a random direction for life to take me. Living in LA eight years ago, if someone would have told me this is what I would be doing, I would have laughed in disbelief. I've never taken the easy road, couldn't even see it, but I'm grateful. 💎
Red 🔥🔥🔥 on this summer solstice #holcombfire
Night shots of the #Holcombfire 🔥🌌🌲🙏
...but we have clear skies to the east 🙌🌌
Hiking back to the road - we could see the flames covering the ridge line from a little further up on the hill🌲🌲🌲 The smoldering, charred hillside behind @satansdeathkult #holcombfire
Evening boat rides with @mrs.brigittestevens @markybrotherly @satansdeathkult 🍭😊💜
The Mojave desert is a painting that changes with each hour of the day 🌵
The tiniest little flower flew in through the window 🌸
Oh you know, just taking the weekly trip into the twilight zone. Where are we?? 🙃🌀
Trying not to get heat stroke in a tiny patch of shade😎💎⛏
Adventures into the abyss with new old friends 💎⛏🙌 A weird combo of mountains, pine trees, cactus and Garnets 🌵 @satansdeathkult @jbrosendahl @hobsongary
Snowboarding has brought us together with the most genuine, creative, talented people. Even on the rough days I feel lucky and grateful to be on this random, crazy journey with @satansdeathkult 💎 @bratboydimo @rist0 adventured with us to the desert for Amethyst and camping - Dimo made this edit for the @stinky_socks x @thirdeyecompany collab!🙌😊
Magic evening with Lady Astra @satansdeathkult @lady_flinstone 🙌🔮
Always in dreamland ☁️🏔☁️
😍💎 @stinky_socks @thirdeyecompany 🖤🖤🖤