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Not Bad #Zong 4G
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Travelogue part 5 Since I’ve been talking about my travelogues hence it is important to mention one of the important necessities of this time, the mobile network. In these journeys to the boundaries of your city life and beyond, I would say Telenor is the clear winner, clear winner! Don’t leave home without it! Ufone unfortunately is fighting a losing battle. If you are a city dweller and tend to stay there then you should be fine with the choice but if your inquisitiveness of being a local tourist takes you in the 100 KM and beyond journey then Ufone would not be your best partner. Mobilink does have signals but Mobilink has never been a service we have enjoyed. The line quality is not up to the mark and the data network is nothing to write home about. But let’s give the devils dew, we did get signals in Thar in our last journey although signals weren’t that strong but if you would come out of the room you could talk. Zong is another upcoming service which was quite good for us during our journey to Umarkot, we had good data coverage. However we did not get much coverage in the eastern part of Sindh but here we need to mention that the sim was only being used in the iPad hence the knowledge is limited to data coverage only. Warid which was one of the best services and was sold to Mobilink. We were against this sale, it is like selling your family jewellery to somebody who has not taken care of its own belongings. We would say the regulator should have controlled this sale. The minimum they could have done should have been to ask them to put their house in order before they acquire another company. Our experience on the northern part of Pakistan was again good with Telenor where only Telenor and the SCO network worked well. I’ve been talking mostly about the wild but if I talk about the city I would say Telenor needs to improve its voice quality which is far from satisfactory. The other thing is the billing pattern of Telenor data, we think the measurement of data usage is inaccurate. A 2GB data has finished off for us in over a week where as in other networks it survived the whole month as most of our usage is on WiFi ✨✨ #zong #telenor #ufone #mobilink
alhamdulillah terimakasih ekeknya milkhi #1,5 kriwil #zong misti maen dewasa #1,4