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Major PR for me considering front squats are my weakness! #lovehaterelationship #youareyourcompetition #strongereveryday
Limits are only what you set for yourself. So why set any at all? 🤔🙌 #njbusinessassociates #nolimits
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire. #dreamscomingtrue #somethingbigiscoming #passionfollower #trustyourself #youareyourcompetition
Good luck to all of you competing today in the South Carolina High School Cheerleading State Championship! Walk out onto that mat with confidence and make all of those long hard practices, grueling conditioning sessions, and endless tumbling lessons all worth it! Forget about your competition, and focus only on what you and your team have to do. Believe in yourselves and leave it all out on the mat! You can do it! 😃 #youareyourcompetition #thisistheday #believe #achieve #youcandoit #schighschoolcheer #statechampionship
First and foremost, learning from others is a very important. It helps with facilitating growth both personally and professionally. On that note. One thing to always remember when you embark on your journey is that you are capable of doing better than you did yesterday. Do you agree? Being that's the case, it's important that you get in the habit of competing against yourself. Not with others but yourself. Besides, if all you do is look outwards or measure your worth or what you are capable of based on someone else's ability to do what they do, you may end up feeling inadequate. On the other hand, when you compete with yourself the focus then becomes how can you be better than you were the day before. In fact, the less you focus on what others are doing and more on who you can become, you'll realize less tension and faster growth. IT'S BECOMING BETTER THAT INSPIRES OTHERS TO DREAM BIG AND BELIEVE THEY TOO CAN LIVE THEIR DREAMS. #TheStudentOracle
In this sport, your only competition is the person you were yesterday. Winning comes with giving it your all. Overcoming your fears is your biggest obstacle. Pushing to the next level is up to you and the victory is yours to have. Take it! #playtowin #youareyourcompetition
Planting garlic cloves and seperating out the bulbs as the cold fall days start to set in. At @bulbsoffire they are planting sometimes over 50000 cloves of garlic per season. And it smells great working there too! Be sure to check them out! #photography #photographer #capturingyourwhy #youareyourcompetition #garlic #farming #smallfarm #smallbusiness #tinytownship #simcoecounty #midland #ontario
Come in and belly-up to the bar where you can be yourself and relax! #nutritionclub #herbalife #herbalife24 #believeinyourself #youareyourcompetition