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Sunshine ☀ fall leaves 🍁 waterfalls 💦 #yogaeverywhere #yogagirl #yogalife #fallleaves #yogisspreadinglove
TIGHT LOWER BACK??? I was asked about poses that are good for a tight lower back and Hunny I'm the Queen of lower back tightness. Usually it's not just the low back that's tight, it's the hamstrings and hips. In this case, when ever you are folding forward soften through the knees and add a little bend. This will allow flexion from the hips as you fold forward rather than rounding into the lower back. In the two seated postures I did, sit with a long spine rooting both bum cheeks down into the ground and keep rolling the top ribs back and bottoms forward to ensure you aren't folding forward. Take your time really feeling each pose and think "lengthen, lenghten, lengthen". I love bolsters but pillows do the trick just fine. I used two pillows off my bed to support under my knees. This takes the heat off my tight hammys and allows me to focus on that flexion in the hips and find loads of length in my lower back. At the end I did happy baby, I find happy baby is hard to do in the beginning of your practice if you're super tight in the hips. I end up straining my neck trying to reach for my heals and my but is way off the floor. So once I'm loosened up I can really sink my knees deep. If happy baby still isn't your style you can take soles of the feet together, reach through your knees and pull them toward you. I did that in the video right after happy baby. Hope this helps! #yogisspreadinglove
When crossing troubled water, hold your head up high. Find the warrior within you, fierce and able. Stand tall and be brave. #warrior #yogaeverywhere #fallleaves #yogagirl #waterbaby #waterfall #hikes #outdoorlover #October #tbay #yogisspreadinglove #igyoga #myyoga #yogadaily #yogisofinstagram
When you free your heart of doubt, release negative energy and find silence in the mind you grow. As a person, as a student. Water your seed with purity, love and passion. 🌸 #headstand #art #yogisspreadinglove #myyogalife #yogaeverydamnday #upsidedown #invertyourself #inversion #playful #blackandwhite #iloveyoga @aloyoga #aloyogaleggings #heartfelt #growth #practice #yogalove #yogagirl
A divinity is within you...sometimes it pours out on to your skin for everyone to see. But sometimes it becomes burried by doubt, fear, resentment. No matter the hardship, heart ache... My divine light will shine. It just has to. #namaste #yogalove #yogisspreadinglove #myoga
Excited to announce the winners of the #YogisSpreadingLove #yogachallenge! 😍🙌🏽You all warmed my heart with all the love spreading! It was amazing and so incredibly difficult to choose our loving winners, but I do hope you all know you are all winners through the energy you shared and feelings you focused on throughout the challenge. Your forever grateful hosts have 4 prizes for: . @yogacadia - @ahzalhea . @sophmylo - @milkeyedmarket . @barrelofsnakes - @gems_of_a_gypsy . @yogibabecakes - @cultural_threads . . Lots of love to you all from your hosts: 💕💕💕 @karina_look_for_beauty @yoginitaveras @lightfulyogini @marjorie_fit @wailani86 .
Squat Pliométrique ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ La pliométrie permet de décupler la capacité à produire un mouvement plus puissant sur une période très courte. Elle est la méthode parfaite d'entraînement sportif pour améliorer l'explosivité et la vitesse au démarrage. Et.....▶️ La pliométrie permet d'améliorer le recrutement des fibres musculaires, mais aussi de créer un terrain hormonal (augmentation de la testostérone et hormone de croissance) favorable pour améliorer la croissance musculaire. 🏋🏻 #pilates #fitness #healthy #healthyliving #tone #relax #metime #qualitytime #love #legs #burning #lacticacid #cardio #mamáenforma #estiramientos #ejercicio #yogisspreadinglove #dancerspose #yogachallenge #pliometrie
Day 9 - #YogisSpreadingLove #yogachallenge - YOGI’S CHOICE - Reverse Warrior / Parivrtta Virabhadrasana . I needed a good side body stretch! I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s posts for this challenge and I am sad to see it come to a close. As a community here on Instagram, there is so much love to be shared and spread! I sometimes get caught up in the negativity of the world, but coming on here, you all inspire me and motivate me to keep my heart open. Thank you! . LOVE TOWARDS THE ENVIRONMENT - feel grounded and stable and love the earth! . Hosts: @karina_look_for_beauty @yoginitaveras @lightfulyogini @marjorie_fit @wailani86 . . Sponsors : @ahzalhea @milkeyedmarket @gems_of_a_gypsy @cultural_threads