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Up bright and early today, I feel like I have my shit together, I went food shopping and bought the most vegan ass food, my shopping is so colourful. I'm going to make a smoothie bowl and go for a run (I'm lying, who's running? Not me, fam. Let's be real, I'm gonna put back on my pyjamas, do some yoga and eat ice cream) I really love Camel as a backbend, this isn't the deepest expression I can do, but I try to focus on the tucking of the pelvis working the hips away and lifting the heart centre to bring the backbend out of my lower back. Feels so yummy for my shoulders😊 --- A yoga challenge all about gratitude: November 17-23, #GratefulHeartsChallenge with @beccamuyoga, @k.roseler, and my fave, the darling @posey.the.yogi! Sponsored by @moonandmoksha, @energeticelements, and @rootandwillow. --- Day 3️⃣ Ustrasana / Camel Pose
Side Plank Pose - Vasisthasana A balancing pose. I don’t like balancing poses, they frustrate the crap out of me! Even more reason to work at it I guess. I’ve only just started getting comfortable with this one.
Charity Yin Yoga Class 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️ for @bornfreefoundation Sunday 26th November 1.30pm @puremindbodysoul_uk 🦁🐯🐒🐆🦏🐅🦏🐘🦓🦒🐬🐋🌲🌍 ALL the money goes to Born Free. Feel amazing and raise money for a great cause. This is the last fundraiser I’m doing in 2017 so let’s go out with a bang 💥 #charityyoga #bornfreefoundation #raisemoney #yinyoga #yoga #yogaforeveryone #yogaforcharity #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogastudent #yogi #wildanimals #help #donate #money #bantrophyhunting #yogamen #yogauk #omyoga
Einen wunderschönen guten Morgen. Seid ihr schon beim Skifahren, wandern, reiten oder was auch immer? Ich wünsch Euch einen aktiven, schönen Tag! #freeletics #balance #yoga #yogamen #instayoga #movement #calisthenics #bodyweight #feuerwehr #retterherz #tübingen #turnen #training #stuttgart #schwimmen #swimbikerun #ocr #spartanrace #triathlon #shredded #barbrothers #handstand #flexible
Twisted Monkey 🐒. Hamburg, Germany 🇩🇪. November 2017. Part 1 of 3. I am doing a more upright version of this pose to make sure you could see me in the photo, but to refine the pose I would offer myself this #YogaTip: Keep your back foot as close to your outer hip as possible AND lower your pelvis more to increase the stretch for your calf muscles & quads on your front leg - while activating the same leg’s hamstrings. This will allow space to increase the spinal twist. #adventurebeginsatOM #adventuretravel #notallwhowanderarelost #yogainstructor #yogatips #yogamaze
Congratulations to @sun_city_yogi on winning the eighth day of #OnTwoArmsIFly! You will receive a prize from @youphoria! The day 9 winner will be announced tomorrow. Thank you everyone for participating. Namaste 🕉
Em 30 anos trabalhando como facilitador de saúde e bem estar conheci muitas pessoas com determinação e foco , porém igual ao meu querido aluno e amigo Guilhermo não foram muitas , capaz de superar qualquer adversidade e obstáculo sem jamais lamentar , reclamar ou perder a fé , sempre continuou o seu caminho com determinação e atitude positiva. 🙏Tempo de continuar na luta 🙏🕉🧘🏻‍♂️Um vencedor 🧘🏻‍♂️
You’ve just stepped off a flight and headed to Zurich centre. What’s the obvious thing to do? Attempt a backbend/handstand combo and do a post flight scorpion. Sensible. 📸 @torstenmaasphotography @torstenmaas
Cruising through to Sunday - time for 🤸🏼‍♂️ 🍳 🥑 🥐 🤘 - 📸 @specular 🤸🏼‍♂️ @mponde5
Hey friends! I’ve been totally absent on Instagram lately... Sorry! Super busy with life at the moment and haven’t had a chance to take any photos and connect! I've got some awesome things planned for 2018 which I'll update you with soon! How’s it been going anyway!? Got any news for me!? 😜 Hope life is good wherever you all are. 🙃✌️