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Thank-you @pbsteph for this amazing graphic. You’ve truly captured the essence of PB. This is what @peekaboobeans means to your child. 💜
An older picture when it was just Gray running the ship:) #bigbrother
Messy hair and we don’t care! Me and my mini. #winterhathair #fridaynight
Friday nights are my favourite, because I get to hear all about my sweet boy's ideas and plans for adventures. His imagination is at an all time high and it makes me want to let go and be silly and tap into the creative side I often push aside for real life. Do you indulge your #innerchild enough? . . . #familyfriday #momlife #lessonsfromatoddler #imagination #yegmom
Helping mommy do laundry #Jaden #mommysbestfriend #yegbaby #yegmom #momlife
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Blurry & quick 4-5pm Online shop the things the kids want for Christmas but couldn’t buy with them there Sloan cuddles & tickle poems Make a bottle RSVP to a birthday Sing songs, jump and dance #yegmom #dayinthelife #staysthomemom
Sipping on Golden Milk while I'm making dinner and it's actually really, really good! 👊🏻 Check out my Insta stories to see what's Cookin' tonight. #TGIF #soloparenting #turmerictea #goldenmilk #yegmom
Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn! 🦄
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When he won’t say “ #mama #iloveyou “again for the video....we’ve started saying sentences...😔why do they grow so fast...... #sunshine #babylove #nixongrey #blueeyes #winter #mommyandmeselfie #yeg #yegmom #yegmoms #helovesme #mostwonderfultimeofyear #
Embracing the silly faces and the cold weather
2-3 sweet beautiful sleep (not pictured) 3-4 Wake up Get a show for Ellie Clean up some dishes Put away the earlier picnic Put away more laundry Clean Ellie’s room and generally straighten the house #yegmom #dayinthelife #staysthomemom
We are honoured to call @brittleah_ a #koopsliehead model! This gorgeous photo will be featured on some of our new hangtags!! PS. Our beanies are for the boys too, but make sure to get them their own... they can't be stealing yours!!😉 📷 by the extremely talented and lovely @mckenziedawnphotography - if you’re not following Nikki, we recommend it!
1-2 Rock Sloan for his nap Eat my lunch. Even if it’s cold Ellie snuck another show and rather than fight her to stop, I take the extra 15 minutes to eat more (including Ellie’s dismissed sandwiches), tidy dishes Show Ellie how a pin works Tuck Ellie in and cuddle her for 3 minutes + a little bit longer Get drowsy cuddling so I take a nap #yegmom #dayinthelife #staysthomemom I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a daytime nap. It took a bit to settle because I really felt like I should do some sewing for the Christmas gifts...but I got over it
Roughley boys making Grandpa mustaches with their Christmas cookies! 😂