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Can number 573 is this 12 oz. straight steel Uinta Club Old Style Lager Beer can. Brewed by Becker Products Co. from 1934 - 1965. This can has Opening Instructions (OI) on one side. To open use "canco" quick & easy opener. Distributor Becker Brewing & Makting Co. Evanston, Wyoming. Uinta Club Old Style Lager Beer. Now packed in this modern container for your benefit. The original beer can. -- No deposit -- Protected from light -- No returns -- Hermetically Sealed -- Space Saving -- Non refillable Becker Products Co. Ogden, Utah Internal Revenue Tax Paid Contents 12 oz. Trade Names for the brewery at 1900 Lincoln Ave, Ogden, UT: Becker Brewing & Malting Co. (19th St & Lincoln Ave) 1892-1918 Closed by Utah State Prohibition in 1918-1933 Issued U-Permit No. UTAH-U-1003 allowing the operation of a brewery 1933 Becker Products Co. 1934-1962 Becker Brewing Co. 1962-1965 Closed in 1965 The fate of the brewery buildings is unknown #brewery #Beer #beercan #beercancollection #collectible #jj_delightfully_deteriorating #rustlord_texturaunique_ #rustlord #rsa_preciousjunk #rustlord_communitythrive #rustlord_mini #rebels_united #jj_texttypographical #American #Ogdon #Utah #Uinta #Lager #Evanston #Wyoming
Ceremony flags at Devils Tower, Wyoming
The sun actually works as a filter... β˜€οΈ #roadtrip #Yellowstone #Montana #Wyoming #Utah #Idaho #summer
Devils Tower, Wyoming
It's been a while, but finally got a blog post in. #nationalparks #wyoming #optoutside #findyourpark #mygrandteton #stewardship #explore #adventuretime #travel http://blissfultrekker.blogspot.com/2017/06/summer-of-stewardship.html?m=1
Being majestic and watching birds β›ΊοΈπŸŒ²πŸ¦
Trail near Esterbrook, Wyoming. Canon 7D Mk II, 1/400 at f 8.0, ISO 160 with an 18-55 lense. I strapped my camera equipment to the back of my ATV and drove up a trail that splits off to an out look point. The main mountain that is prominent in the background is Laramie Peak. Wyoming has been extra green and lush this spring due to a larger amount of rain this season.
Sunrise walk this morning πŸ»β›° never gonna regret getting an early start in the Teets
Enjoy those small moments in time
Blame it on the Tetons. β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ #westernaf #wyoming #wyomingaf #thatswy #grandtetons #laramiepride
Me and @msmotherman stopped by @jamiebmoorehead Cripple Creek Taxidermy yesterday and picked up my "JR Hunter Buck". I'm sure you are wondering the story behind that. Well...here is short story to catch you up. As my IG handle and my TV show that I hosted for the last few years explains...I love to travel and hunt. In doing this I have gathered amazing friends from all over the globe. One guy in particular that I met in Casper, Wyoming thru my bride really impacted me and became an amazing friend and brother. He taught me everything I know about hunting elk and long range shooting and we became extremely close even though he gave me a ton of ribbing when I showed up to hunt the mountains with my @cvamuzzleloaders when he always shouldered a .338 Lapua. Unfortunately life got very rough for him and he decided to leave this earth. The last time I visited with him in #wyoming he had a box of .300win bullets that he gave me as he knew I was in the process of build a custom @bergara_rifles chambered in .300. The following year after he passed I sighted my new rifle in with the ammo he gave me and filled my muley tag with this buck while hunting with another long time hunting partner @deerburns. If you look closely to the elk antler pedestal there is the actual casing that JR gave me and the one that dropped this buck in his tracks! Thank you JR....I sure miss you bro!!! Please look for the JR Hunt For Life Foundation on Facebook if you know someone that has tried or contemplating suicide...there is a way out!!! #brothersforlife #wewillmeetagain #sucideisnottheanswer