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Selfishly speaking, I loved the pairing of @thelanawwe and @rusevig on RAW and I wish they remained together. I think each one will figure it out on their own individual paths to success, but that does not stop me for wishing them to reunite. 🤘
So I’ve been a pro wrestling fan for a good 4 years and each year that goes by my passion and drive for the form of art called pro wrestling gets higher and higher. This passion for this art has turned into a dream, I’ve been told many reasons of why WWE is dumb or stupid but you know what? Pro Wrestling is much more than something you can call dumb or stupid , it’s something much more than stupid, it is a form of art that people do and just like other things it provides entertainment. I don’t care how I look and I don’t care what irrelevant people think of me I just care about this dream. This dream cannot stop until I show how much I want it and I show how deep I’ll dig to reach this dream, and when I reach up high and finally achieve this dream, I won’t call it a dream. I’ll call it reality. This is what I live for, this is what drives me, this is what a true passion is. People risk there lives to give 5-star entertainment and that’s what I’m willing to do. Risk it all. If I have to train everyday of my life that’s what I’m gonna do, if I have to work my body off everyday that’s what I’ll do and at the end of the day I look up to role models that set the tone for me! That set the bar tall for me! I have a passion for this art called pro wrestling and nothing can ever take that away from ME! I’m glad my role models have set the bar high
Rusty AF #flashbackfriday