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I had THE BEST day living out my dreams again today ☁️💞!!!!! I can’t post yet what I was working on. Butttt my #modeling & #dancing collided today for my ultimate goal which in modeling has always been #FitnessModeling. I danced allll day on set for @ellieactivewear (Check out their insta stories now..as pictured;) .. surrounded by a director, Stylist, photographer & assistant who I now consider friends!!!! Feeling extreme gratitude & humbleness as my Dreams continue to come true & the hustle keeps paying off!!!!!! #LetsGo 🙏🏼🙌🏼💪🏼 #LoveEllie
I can't fit the whole christmas tree in the instagram frame but at least we can see our stockings.🎅🎄
Try this hump day home workout
อากาศดีที่พัทยา 🌴🌴🌊 #workouttime #pattaya
Captain America sport crops is supportive and badass
Осень не пугает нас ветрами и холодной погодой. Наоборот, это время идеально для вечерних пробежек, а в компании таких прекрасных людей всегда тепло! @var_vara.a еще раз с днем рождения тебя! :) Всем спасибо за душевный вечер, тегайте себя и друзей на фото и ждем всех в воскресенье на трейловую пробежку в Голосеевскому лесу! #playoutsidecrew #kyiv_startswitharun #nrc
If speaking kindly to plants helps them grow imagine what speaking kindly to humans can do 🌱🌿