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-Купить можно любого. Вопрос только в цене. -И Вас тоже можно купить? -Конечно. -И какова цена? -Ваши искренние чувства, эмоции, ум и душа. . . . . . . . #krasnoyarsky_kray #my_autumn_2017 #my_life #АПР #МОПартизанскийрайон #my_work #work #бессмертныйпони🐴 #october #my_october #mood-autumn #всеповторилось #хватит
the fact that I can wear leggings, huge T-shirt’s and no shoes to work, makes my job oh so more heavenly #work #girlswithglasses #girlswithdreads #bigshirts #leggings #comfy #cozy #workflow #yellow #bathroom #selfie
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When I joined It Works! I heard a lot about other distributors' "why".....the reason they joined and work to succeed in this business. For some it was because they were struggling financially, others it was to be a stay at home parent, etc. I heard a smart lady once say "your why should make you want to cry". Well.....I thought about it......I didn't think I had one. I have an amazing life, a loving boyfriend of 12 years, I've experienced so much, I’ve traveled, I have great friends, i don't have kids to worry about, I'm not struggling financially, etc. So I just assumed my "why" was to just make some extra money in my free time. Enough to basically pay for the products I was using that I’d fallen in love with. Last year, I had a couple rough days. I was cleaning out my closet and found pictures of my mom that I hadn't seen in a while because they were in a box. My mom died of cancer almost 8 years ago. I sat on my floor and cried for what felt like hours. Then it dawned on me....I knew what my "why" is. I want to do something with my life that my mom would be proud of. I want to inspire people. I want to change lives. I want to make people feel better about themselves. I want my mom to just be happy with the person I've become. I was 23 when she died, young and selfish. Pretty much still a little kid. I have grown so much from this “job”. I’ve come out of my shell and it’s given me more confidence. I care about other people, not just myself. I just know she’d be so happy with the woman I’m becoming. This business has made me into a person that I like again. I have a purpose and self worth. So, if I proud of myself, I know she would be too. It's so crazy how it only took $99 to change my life.