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Self love is going through the hard shit with elegance and grace🍍
Date on Ancient Way woman’s retreat has been changed to August . #womansretreat #yogaretreats #ancientways #foresttherapy #superdeals #blackfriday
Mental Illness I am passionate to this subject. The importance of highlighting mental illness is significant to me because it has been something that has affected my life for many years. I feel in this day in age, there isn’t a single person who could really say that mental illness has not affected their life in one way or another. Whether it be something you have personally struggled with, or a close friend, a family member, a co-worker… I feel it is a topic that talked about enough. I find that often, when people are struggling with mood disorders personally, they feel a sense of ashameness. The truth is 20% of Canadians will suffer from mental illness. The majority of canadians will have experienced mental illness affecting their life. In my upcoming film project, I would like to highlight mood disorders as a beautiful reality. As something raw authentic and real. Choreographed as a dance that speaks a language of depth no words could explain. I want to portray the reality of so many. Myself included. Living with mental illness, the constant daily battle. there is a fine line between amazing and awful. Because of the unique brain chemistry, one must learn to walk it well. Must master the art of resilience in a life skewed by mental illness. forced to learn how to rise often. still feeling a need to thrive just like everyone else but there are times when we must focus on mere survival instead. The stereotype, the idea that this makes a person weak. I completely disagree. It’s truly quite the contrary. People who suffer of mental illness fight battles the rest of the world knows nothing about and this often means waking up to fight the same demons that left us so tired from the night before. It takes bravery and strength. By bringing this vision to life, in my final University assignment of the year, My goal is to bring more awareness to this topic. Here’s a glimpse of what we were shooting at the Nutty Factory this past saturday, thank you all for the support in putting this vision together xx
In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence. -Kahlil Gibran #mindfulnessretreat #spainishretreat #womansretreat #retreatsinspain #yogaretreat #retreatsuk #kahlilgibran
Let's take a picture under that Joshua Tree🌵 #desertmermaids
Shadow crown 👑 from our Full Moon 🌚crystals. Charged and ready to go! From my recent trip to Joshua Tree for @janmccarthy #womansretreat #business #art #goodtimes #inspired
Leaving the craziness of Bourbon St. behind...we found a great spot on Frenchmen St. Such a great band🎺🎹🎷🎤!! We danced ALL NIGHT 💃🏼.
Lunching with babes. Christmas in the Pines 2017 has been amazing so far!!!! #christmas #womansretreat #christmasinthepinespvr
Beautiful way to spend a Saturday night/ Sunday morning! #womansretreat #hangingwmysister #laughteristhebestmedicine
Missing my authentic NOLA Pimm’s Cup already🥃😢.
Sisterhood is Everything - To celebrate one another. To support each other. To laugh at our selves. To hold each other in the trying times. To love up our flaws. To create epic memories with. To stay together till the end. Always keep your sisters close. Love them hard and keep them safe. Honouring our humanness. Letting out our uniqueness. Being fierce in our ways. It's time to unlock and surrender to more of the true you. Being surrounded by sisters. Unplugging. This makes me even more excited about our Self Love Retreat coming up Feb 19-22. Bali you are on the back burner for now. Costa Rica. We're coming for you. To bring sisters together. To unwind from the pressures of daily life. To celebrate you mind body and soul. Stay tuned for more details coming soon. If you want to be on the list to be contacted as soon as we release this let me know. 😍❤️😍
Sometimes you need to sit on top of a mountain top to gain perspective. 🌄 #yogaretreat #womansretreat mindfulnessretreat #retreatsinspain #spainishretreat #mindfulnessretreat #retreatsuk #noths #aretreattonurturethesoul #nurtureyoursoul
Great food, great company, great night❤️! Sorry, no pics of the 4 desserts the 8 of us shared LOL...they were devoured too fast🤣🤣🤣!