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Good thing we are amazing and can be trusted with a deadly weapon #powercouple #teamwork #womanpower
This is a thermography of a young woman’s breast pre and post birth control treatment. So many women are being put on birth control by physicians telling them that there are no side effects. I think we just can not make that conclusion yet because we need more long term evidence. Here a thermomgraphy is showing inflammatory hot spots, showing increase in inflammation in the breasts. Infrared imaging can offer a safe noninvasive procedure that is a valuable tool as an ADJUNCT to mammography in identifying lesions. Breast health is important and so is what we put into our bodies!! Think about what you are putting in your body. #breasthealth #womanpower #hormones #hormonehealth
I had so much fun at this shoot today. From the stylist to hair and makeup the Model and photographer the pictures were amazing. In a short amount of time we created magic ✨ #womanpower #blessed #letspublish
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@badgalriri announcing she's restocking her ever so popular ever so necessary @fentybeauty #profilerfoundation if you've been to a Sephora since its launch you'd know it can't stay on shelves and in stock so hit those stores early its back hit her up in the comments maybe she'll ask you what your shade too 🙋🏾‍♀️ Rhi Rhi can i get that #trophywife #blackgirlmagic #makeupforblackwomen #fentyfoundation #fentybeauty #heyrhianna #breakingtherules #fubu #webuyblack #womanpower #rudegyal #shecute #whatsyourshadesis
My life is fully of beauty. I notice the bumble bee, the small animal, and the smiling faces. I also smell the rain and feel the wind ❤️ This is live my life to the fullest potential ☺️ #motivationalquotes #chicagophotographer #motivationforlife #goals💪 #successful-woman #womanpower #smilealways #positivelife #blackwhitelove #happier2017
Tout le monde à hâte au temps des fêtes pour se reposer du travail, pour passer du temps avec la famille et bien manger. Mais est-ce que vous devez prendre du poids aussi? Moi je ne suis pas d'accord alors c'est pour cela qu'on a créée ce challenge pour le temps des fêtes!!! Je suis excitée le challenge commence dans 5 jours 😁😁😁😁 #Doitforyou #Loveyourself
Boa noite, mulheeeer! Vi essa foto mais cedo e parei para refletir sobre ela, de uns anos pra cá vim realmente entender o termo feminismo, assim como muitas eu achava que não precisava de nada disso, que eu não sentia o peso de ser mulher, não passava por nada do que milhares de mulheres passam em suas vidas, eu achava que ser feminista era ser aquelas mulheres louconas, que não se cuidavam, que viviam protestando com as peitas na rua e por aí vai, não tenho vergonha de admitir o que pensava, teria vergonha de continuar pensando daquela maneira, pensar que o feminismo se resume a radicalismo, é o mesmo de achar que toda igreja rouba seus fieis, é o mesmo de achar que todo ser humano é ruim, o feminismo não quer ser superior a nada nem ninguém, apenas direito e respeito, mulheres lutam por ter seu destaque e reconhecimento diariamente, e isso é o feminismo praticado, mesmo que você não se ache feminista e ache isso besteira, você prática o feminismo, ter o direito à expressão, direito a ir e vir, de ser quem você é, com toda certeza é FEMINISMO! Não ache que o feminismo não lhe representa, porque se hoje em dia você faz faculdade, tem seu emprego, é a dona da sua vida, com certeza é graças a luta diária das mulheres, direito esse que merecemos e que tanto almeijamos!! A algum tempo atrás varias profissões só eram ocupadas por homens, se hoje você está ocupando algumas dela, agradeça ao feminismo! Que eu seja uma feminista chata, mas que eu faça você repensar sobre suas ideias! 💪🏻🧠 #befeminine #FutureIsFemale #Feminist #GrlPwr #Power #ComportadissimasBlog #BlogueirasRecife #WomanPower
Know yourself and know your worth my actions been louder than your work💯💕 #bodypositive #womanpower #bodypositivity #acceptance
I almost just want to keep these for myself! Sneak preview of some glitter vinyl clutches I'm making for my Etsy shop! If you like these, be sure to follow my Instagram account and Etsy store so you'll be the first to know when these are released.
“Billie Holiday: Fine and Mellow!” Part of a series of art I did in 2013 that I discovered today! 5x7 print in white 8x10 matte. Take her home! $10 with free shipping in the US. Message me if interested. ❤️ #gayartist #queerartist #saintstraitjacket #paulybarra #losangelesartist #locallartists #billieholiday #ladyday #ladysingstheblues #strangefruit #goodmorningheartache #godblessthechild #jazzicon #angelofharlem #womanpower
Although some might result prefer you behave yourself and not climb all over the furniture in joy or all over people in welcome, do it anyway. 🐕
A incrível série "The Handmaid's Tale" recebe três indicações ao Critics' Choice Awards 2018, incluindo prêmio de melhor atriz para Elisabeth Moss. (Elisabeth Moss - The Handmaid's Tale 2017)
Uma pessoa inteligente aprende com seus erros, uma pessoa sabia aprende com os erros dos outros ☄️ . #girlpower #amoantix #modaparameninas #likeforfollow #girlboss #amazing #likeforlike #fellingblessed #fellingmyself #flawless #fallowme #womanpower #girlfashion #goodvibes
Getting yourself ready for the week to come can be challenging. I have been working on revamping my thought process, getting myself into a space where my reaction to negative energy isn't always a bad one. While I don't always succeed, recentering and allowing myself another chance is key right now. When things get crazy remember to breathe. 5 seconds of deep breathes is all you need sometimes! #breathe #meditation #PMA #focus #determination #womanpower #peaceandlove✌️️❤️ #soberliving
#womanpower This here is Janis, a mother, who kicks fibro ass with showing great strength like this. No it's no secret to her that I always like her pictures, but she really inspires me on my fitness journey. We used to be the closest of buddies back in our middle school days and don't talk much now, but I'm always amazed following her pictures and the amount of work, dedication, and strength she shows and not at all being victim to anything. Defying and showing you can do whatever you set your mind to do. Here's to you woman!!!!!!! @lov3lifeb3str0ng
Settling down for Sunday evening with my third Katie Piper book. This woman makes me feel like anything is possible 💕 #katiepiper #book #reading #womanpower #idol
I've been sitting on an idea for some time, and I'm finally going to put my idea to the works. I'm wanting to empower women together, without judgement, ridicule, or anything negative. What I plan on doing is posting a picture and along side words of empowerment to another woman who I can say I admire with great strength, wisdom, heart, mothering, friendship, anything greatly positive. I've seen so many inspiring women on my social media pages that I want to jyst give mad props for what they do daily. This is women who show a great amount of heart and have a positive message to show. Women shouldn't compare to, get jealous of, back stab, talk ill about, think you're better than, etc anyone whose reaching for goals. We should empower everyone on their journey and mean it with being happy for others. I'm hoping many other women will feel the urge that I've been sitting on to do the same daily find one woman you admire that's not jyst someone you know. I'm speaking on those we all look at but may never like their pictures. This is to show a great movement as strong women empowering other women!!!! I'm starting mine tonight with a woman I've been following in admiration also my while reasoning to wanting to start this daily. So here it goes my next post on here. Kudos to this woman and you'll see why I'm picking her first and why I've greatly been inspired by her to start this. #womanpower
‘tis the season to be female. 🎶✌🏼 #falalalalalalalala
: No soy ni peor, ni mejor que tú 👌🏻
Beehive mind : Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge. We are perpetually on the way thither, being by nature winged insects and honey gatherers of the mind. #art #artoftheday #artistsoninstagram #artbasel #artwork #artist #newarrival #industry #gallery #illustration #drawing #beehive #artsy #painting #amazing #collorful #artspotlight #beautiful #womanpower #shaman #drawing #tattoo #sketch #people #artsunday