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👆🏾👆🏾Little to do with conceit; everything to do with the realization and cognizance of the treasure God has placed within one’s earthen vessel. Rarity has everything to do with KNOWIMG that one is far sissy or set apart from the masses, that in the sea of many seeking to follow the modus operandi of the world, they are infrequently found. I am uapologetically rare ❤️... #God #Jehovahslady #Queen #knowyourworth #Value #Rare #infrequent #woke ✊🏽
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@Regranned from @f.l.y.girl - Rp via the awakened👉🏽 @waywoke 👈🏽 "Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." - C.G. Jung • 📷 - Michael Oswald • #Introspection #awake #Look #Inside #Love #Happy #Hippie #Woke #Meditate #Art #Trippy #psychedelic #Quote - #regrann
A man who put bisexuals on the map when it was so taboo in the 60's. The media treated his bisexuality as another "evil characteristic." A man who preaches that everyone should love each other and be treated equally. A man who was too woke about the injustices minorities were suffering in the 60's yet portrayed as a racist white supremacist by the media. A man who loves and empowers women yet painted in the media as a misogynist. A man who gave homeless children a place to live and protected them with all his love. A man whose always been against hard drugs but the media insists he used every drug to "brainwash people." A man who advocates the importance and protection of our Air, Trees, Water, and Animals. Donates all his interview money to improving our environment. A man whose progressive views threatened the rich white establishment of the 60's enough to make an evil character out of him. A man who came out of prison in 1967 determined to be a better man only to be cheated by the law and society in the end. A man who wears a swastika as a symbol to mock the image that was made of him and the rights he was denied at his trial. This man knows he'll be in prison forever and has nothing to lose by admitting he ordered the murders. Yet the everyone insists he lie and take responsibility for murders he really didn't order. His only crime was being too much of a good friend and getting involved in their drug dealing mess. There's a reason the same people who supported him then continue to support him now. It's not because he's been brainwashing them from his cell. But because they know the truth about his railroading. The media says Charles Manson is synonymous with evil, I say he's a beautiful soul. 💚
There's something about #lights That keep the #darkness from overshadowing your #success #Stay #Lit #Woke
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¡Agradecido y entusiasmado por ser parte del equipo Wheel the World Rapa Nui! Por un mundo inclusivo, hagamos de Rapa Nui un lugar accesible para todos. #RapaNui #wheeltheworld #easterisland #isladepascua #chile #inclusion #disability #accesible #accesibility #accesibilidad #inclusivity #woke