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can we make #waistwednesday a thing? lol i’m doing it!! • i wanted to take a second to focus on an area that’s still bugging me-my waist but i threw in the back pics cuz that’s been a problem too, and it wasn’t until i put them together that i realized my back has changed a lot more than i thought!! • with thanksgiving festivities starting it’s a good time to remember this journey is all about balance!! sure! enjoy yourself but don’t go overboard, don’t ruin your progress by letting one day (or a few if you have multiple parties planned) derail you completely!! keep your goals in mind, set little goals for the days you have events so you can loosen the reigns a bit but still stay within certain limits! • it’s never a bad time to start your journey too!! if you have goals in mind you need help getting to, whether you’ve started or not, even with it being a time of overeating and lots of heavy good food, you can still push towards your goals!! i’m only a message away if you need/want any help! 😁💌💕
YOU'RE WORTH IT! #wlstories
Me Currently ✌🏽 Bye job. See y’all Monday #wlstories #wlscommunity #happythanksgiving
Surprise Shoutout: . Show some love to @jessstaughtyou . When I was at my biggest, at 490lbs I gave every excuse in the world as to why I could not change. Even while being a prediabetic, with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, back & joint problems and sleep apnea I didn't change. But It comes down to you. Nobody can want it for you more than you want it for yourself. I had to get up and show up for MYSELF on the days that was the absolute hardest. Being 490lbs and trying to workout on my own is no joke. Making those healthy eating choices on my OWN took master discipline. Day in and day out. Changing bad eating habits like ordering out fast food every day and eating at 10-11:00 at night was something I had to change and it wasn't easy😭 shit is hard but it is POSSIBLE. I remember not ever going out. Not only because I was too embarrassed of how big I let myself get but because I physically wasn't able to walk longer than 10 minutes without losing my breath and needing to sit down. Having leg cramps even in the car, not fitting in train turnstiles, they would then have to open the gate for me to go through as if I was some large farm animal😒 not fitting in restaurant seats and booths, the waiters would have to sit me over to the chairs and tables where you could pull them apart from each other. I couldn't fit in the public bathroom stalls. I had to go in the handicapped bathroom where its extra wide for people with wheelchairs. I had extreme social anxiety and rarely left the house because of it. Fast forward to no longer a pre diabetic. No high blood pressure or high cholesterol. No longer suffering with sleep apnea. No longer struggling with walking longer than 10 minutes. Able to use the regular bathroom stalls in public. And now dressing up cute to go out to a concert? YES. No longer afraid. No more anxiety. With way more energy, more self love, more fearlessness. And I'm still a big girl mind you. Just a now confident big girl, bettering herself each day and ready to take on anything and everything! Keep going babes is all I'm saying❤️❤️❤️ every single effort counts. And if you had a rough day? SO WHAT. Pick up and finish where you left off.
When everything hurts, your arms have been stuck in T-Rex position, but you hit the gym anyways because ya girls got goals! #workoutwednesday
Day 87: whoo hoo that's my 2nd HIIT done for the week. Yes, I'm keeping a tally on the dust, on my treadmill 😂😂😂
O YEAH!! MORE BARBELL COMPLEXES!! THis week I had to do another barbell complex courtesy of @johnromaniello and this one was rough! 10 presses 10 hang squat cleans 10 rdl/row combos 10 back squats😕 .. Last week I did this week 65 lbs and I had to put it down midway. This week I did not need to put it down at all. THATS PROGRESS!! .... When biggie is playing in the background, you can’t help but do great things. Amiright @andyfrisella ? Haha Anyway, happy humpday my friend!! #teamwagon #bodypositive @theellenshow @edbyellen @therock @djkhaled @jarrettwbond22 @1stphorm
Trying to get my water intake up but all I have is a dixie cup. 2oz at a time haha. Hardest part about keeping my meal plans working is having lunch at 10am but still on track this week 🤓 #dentalassistant #clinicals #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #dietbet #wlstories #jordansbodsquad #bodsquad #fitfam #weighlossupdate
We all start SOMEWHERE. Don't give up on yourself before you even start. Stop putting it in your head that you'll never get to where you want to be because of your starting point🤔. Stop assuming that you're not capable of things before you even allow your body to get there. Stop saying you can't just because you can't RIGHT NOW✋🏻. How will you know if you don't keep trying!!?? I promise you that you CAN do whatever you want with consistency, effort and a lot of trial & error. Put in the work, trust in the process and stop rushing. 💜💜💜
Both !!!! 💪 what do you guys think ? Cardio ? Or weights ?
Can I have for real life freckles like this?!😍 Freckles are so cute! If you have em embrace em! #snapchat #filterfun #freckles
Snapchat fun with my middle mouse! ❤️😍 So thankful for this baby boy of mine! #thankful
made the noodles green for the kiddos last night lol have you ever tried coloring noodles at meal times?