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I love this😻❤
hi everyone, my name's elle. i started this acc because i rlly love these kiddos ! i hope this fp will go somewhere but who knows ! i will try to post daily, that's usually how it goes on the fan accounts i own. here are some facts about me: - i once applied to be an extra on s2 (didn't work out) - i nearly met millster but she cancelled the comic con!! :( - i'm a hardcore finn stan - sophia is the loml - i haven't seen 'IT' yet :0 - this used to be a tom holland acc, that's why it has ninety-something followers already ahaha - i own @quacksan ,, u should follow it ;)))) ps. i'm gonna be a try-hard and attempt a white border theme, but that might not work out. stay tuned anyway ahaha • qotd: what's one interesting fact about yourself? my aotd: i'm applying to an arts school in january to see if i can get in for singing!
I don't believe will and eleven had the same tiger, just if it was really popular #tiger #strangerthings #eleven #willbyers
I'm very disappointed with this one. 😂😂😂 but I still like it in a way. 😂💜💜
BYERS!!! Btw are u guys interested on a rp? Cuz I think that's really cool and I'd like to do one. Write it below :) #strangerthings #strangerthingsfan #noahschnapp #finnwolfhard #willbyers #mikewheeler