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Cute as a button. 📷: @mrslydianicholson
Changes and flowers Are most welcome #nature #wildflowers #natgeo #closeup
“Let her cry, for she's a lady Let her dream, for she's a child Let the rain fall down upon her She's a free and gentle flower growing wild She's a flower growing wild She's free” -Skylark, “Wildflower” ————————————————— Love this of my little one with her Montana wildflowers. Our business is named after our love for the Montana prairies and the little blooms(wildflowers). Welcome to our IG!
Thankful for all the wildflowers. #daisy #wildflowers #pressedflowers #flowers #pressedbotanicals
I'm realising more and more that my life is a reflection of what I value .... through my choices I create a life that I love, and Life is rallying to support me. It matters to me that there is time in my life to commune with nature ... to frolic and play ... to rejuvenate my spirit. I want to lie with my belly on the earth every day and breathe her in. That matters to me! What matters to you? I've been steadily discarding societal values of what life should look like. Almost everyone is burnt out and wound up. Fuck that. . I'm so tired of hearing the 'busy' story and I refuse to tell that story any more. These old programs and old and they are causing us to suffer and be disconnected. It is time to write new programs. To wake up and value our connection to earth and each other. Life is meant to be rich and full of wonder. It is meant to include rest and play as well as work. And even work can be thrilling if we choose to do what we truly love. I will do my bit to create a world that values being as much as it does doing. Nothing is getting in the way of my connection to Source. I give thanks that I can see how rich and full of wonder Life is. And that my work satisfies my soul so deeply. And that I live on land where the wind whispers me secrets and the wildflowers beg to be tickled by my fingers and the sound of the streaming water soothes my sorrows. Abundance is in abundance ! 😆 When I'm here I feel how inseparable I am from it all ... all of it ... and I pray that all beings may know themselves in connection with all there is 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Cosmos 🌱🌸
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Of course we've always been in love with wild grasses and wildflowers, with a few accents of old favorites. Thank you to @sdlophoto for fantastic work. #bride #austinbride #eventplanner #atxwedding #austintx #atxflorist #austinflorist #happybride #flowers #weddingdress #lace #austinwedding #bridesofaustin #celebration #instabride #ido #putaringonit #engaged #bridalphotos #wildflowers #happilyeverafter
Just your classic stereotype: two guys making candles 🤗🕺😉👌