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Before I enter back into @joshuatreenps and lose all cell service I wanted to share with you all another look into deep space. Loving this form of photography! Glad I’m giving it another shot 🤙🏻 . . Captured with the @skywatcherusa @sonyalpha a7s / #sonyalpha 85mm f1.8 @hoyafilterusa Intensifier.
The rain clouds were just clearing this am as the sun began to color the sky. By the time I got to the top, they had all but disappeared to the horizon, leaving a few wisps to catch the pink. Believe it or not this is the first san francisco sunrise photo I've made. Eager for more! Here comes the weekend! What do you have in store?
Another beautiful morning to wake up to. To see full crop visit link ☝🏻 . . Captured with the @sonyalpha a7s / @tokinausa Firin 20mm / @hoyafilterusa Intensifier.
Rainbow and sunsets. My kind of of combination. 🙏🏻
Mother nature was firing on all cylinders last night, i wonder what's in store this evening. This recent weather we've had in SF is getting me very excited for the winter ahead!
This morning was just simply UNREAL! Yet again I couldn’t believe my eyes. We’ve been having such a great run of fire these past few weeks in Southern California it’s got me going bonkers! 🤣 To see full crop visit link in my bio ☝🏻 Have a great one guys! . . Captured with the @sonyalpha A7s / @zeisscameralenses Batis 18mm / @hoyafilterusa Solas 10 stop ND / @slikusa AL-420M tripod.
"Careless in our summer clothes splashing around in the muck and the mire." @thevisualsoflife commented last night "fan of wildlife, huh?" While I hadn't thought about it until then, yes, I am. I blame @ladzinski I trekked out in the low tide grime the other day for sunset over the city but spotted this Grey heron resting in the muck.
~Prairie Creek Redwoods~ Sue Newman I love walking among these giants, and I couldn't imagine a more inviting natural gateway. Everything is bigger among the redwoods.... even the ferns are five feet tall! Amazing! . . . . #california #redwoods #prairiecreek #tree_magic #newmanimages #nikon #middle_earth #visitcalifornia #californialove #rawcalifornia #onlyinnorcal #wanderlust #earth_escape #earth_shotz #awesomeearth #hubs_united #atameo #wanderlust #naturead #discoverglobe #coast_Redwoods #nature_perfection #travelsouthernoregon #humboldt #wild_california #travelsouthernoregon #southernoregonlocals #ig_underdogz #ig_bliss
Another epic evening along the Southern California coast line.
Coastal sunset
Convict lake
Happy Aloha Friday everyone! What a beautiful morning it was. Check out my @instagram stories for the detail settings, and equipment used on how I captured this shot. Yewwwwww!!! 🤙🏻
With the decision to travel to Mammoth lakes for the last few days in the hopes of finding some beautiful light and fall colors I found this. What a crazy sunset this was. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! . . Captured with the @sonyalpha A6500 @tokinausa 11-20mm f2.8 @hoyafilterusa Solas 4stop ND @slikusa AL-420M tripod.
Favorite spot in Point Reyes where the Alamere Falls land on the beach.
Those Eastern Sierras are calling my name once again. Captured with @sonyalpha a9 #sonyalpha 85mm f1.8 @hoyafilterusa HD3
Just watched 2 episodes of the NEW season of “Stranger Things.” MAN such a inspiration to fuel my fire in my pursuit into film and story telling! WOW 😱 . . This image shot in July resembles the Alternate “Upside down” in season 2. So ironic that I just visited this capture today to give it a proper edit. Hope you enjoy! . . Captured with the @sonyalpha a7rii @tokinausa Firin 20mm f2.0 @hoyafilterusa Intensifier @slikusa AL-420M tripod.