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• Berrylicious toast with cashew nut butter! YAY or NAY? 🍓 Happy #toasttuesday my fruity cuties. Hope your week is off to a great start. Good news! We got the clearance to go back to our house tomorrow. I can’t wait to get back to my kitchen and start working on my Thanksgiving day menu. What is your favorite thanksgiving side dish? Mine always been the stuffing and the green beans. This year, I am in charge of side dishes. Everything of course will be #plantbased These toasts I made couple of weeks ago. I thought I would share this berry toast close up with you today. Also, on another note I finally met beautiful Nisha @rainbowplantlife in person today. She was in San Diego visiting family. We met up for breakfast and had such a lovely time catching up. She is one of the reasons why I love this community so much! I want to thank you guys for all your kind messages. Looking forward to going back to my house tomorrow. Much love to you all! ❤️❤️❤️ • • • #healthy #berries #fruits #healthybreakfast #healthyfood #govegan #vegansofig #huffposttaste #buzzfeedfood #kaylaitsines
#repost @gizemzzor via @PhotoAroundApp Back to Cappadocia 😉 Sonunda güzel atlar diyarına geri döndük 🐴🎈 Bu güzel kareyi yakalayan @ilkinkaracan, şahanesin 🙏🏻😉 #cappadocia #turkey #kapadokya #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #hotairballoon #travel #seyahat #göreme #theweekoninstagram #WHPsparkle #bucketlist
Peace ✌️ Love ❤️ and Avocados 🥑  Photo by @naturallyzuzu
• Rainbow Rolls 🌈🌈🌈 What’s your favorite #rainbow food? Happy weekend my loves! Sorry for being absent here. My house is undergoing a termite fumigation. 🎪🎪🎪My entire family including all of our pets had to move out. We are all currently residing at a local extended stay hotel. 😩😩😩. We can’t enter the house until Wednesday morning. Last three days have been hectic. I had to pack all my food in both refrigerators and the freezers and distribute amongst my neighbors and friends. I didn’t realize until yesterday how many bags of frozen bananas I had in my freezer. 🤣 I was asked why do I have so many frozen bananas and frozen fruits? Do I eat it all? “I have a pet monkey at home”, I replied giggling. 😂 I hope to get all my frozen bananas and fruits back safe and sound. This girl can’t live without her smoothie bowls and rainbow food. Miss my kitchen already. I made these rainbow rolls with spicy peanut ginger sauce for my friend’s party few weeks ago. They are always a crowd pleaser. Wish I could have some right now. I hope you are having a beautiful and fun filled weekend. Sending you all lots of love! • • • #healthy #hclf #buzzfeedfood #huffposttaste #thrivemags #eattherainbow #eatyourveggies #healthysnack #instafood
• Persimmons are so gorgeous. I think they are the most underrated fall fruit. I have a lot of beautiful memories associated with this fruit. My family had persimmon trees growing up. Every year, my siblings and I looked forward to picking our persimmons during harvest time. We would gather buckets and buckets of this sweet cinnamony fruit and sit under the tree with my sisters and eat until we couldn’t eat anymore. My mom loved making a jam from them and she would often give them as a gift to our neighbors and friends during holidays. Yesterday, my sweet friend brought me a bag full. Her and her family went to a local farm and picked these beauties. I am looking forward to devouring them all weekend long, and I might even make a jam or chutney for the holidays. I want to thank @food_glooby for featuring my toasts yesterday. So humbled by all the love and support! Wishing you guys a very happy Friday and a fantastic weekend ahead. Lots of love, Zuzu 🌟🌟🌟 • • #californiagrown #organic #fruit #persimmon #fall #huffpostgram #healthy #tgif #buylocal #wholefoods #govegan #fruitarian
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Друзья, у нас все отлично, спасибо Вам за сообщения в Директ, я действительно немного пропала, просто погрязла в учебе и работе. Уже который день хочу написать, но получается добраться до инстаграм уже глубокой ночью🙈 Давайте вечером взбодрим мой профиль рубрикой #grishagina_дизайнвопрос 🙌🏻 Готовьте ваши вопросы по ремонту, дизайну и пишите их под следующим постом. Если вдруг вопрос требует детального рассмотрения, выкладывайте фото с вопросом у себя в профиле, отмечайте меня и эту рубрику и я обязательно отвечу😉 Желаю вам чудесного дня😘