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Forget the dog (she’s a pushover), BEWARE the owner 🎃 #morningswithmillie #whorescuedwho #weimaraner #weimarador #watchdog #bewaretheownernotthedog
the best thing that ever happened to me. ❤️ #whorescuedwho
someone didn't want to get out of bed this morning... #sweetpea #cattledog #acd #boxer #sleepypuppy #adoptdontshop #whorescuedwho #bestfriend
Hump day got me like... #yougetupfirst #isitfridayyet #sosleepy
#1 fan of the @pawsitivechangeprogram. the healing power of dogs can rescue humans and heal the mind. so proud of all the trainers and volunteers. you're an inspiration to all. 🙌 #whorescuedwho ・・・ #repost @packlife_la @pawsitivechangeprogram Today was #caninegoodcitizen testing at California City. I'm so proud of the guys and the progress. I forget how nervous they get because they take this very seriously and it's amazing to be a part of. Today @the_canine_republic and myself did exit interviews and asked the guys what their favorite part of the program is ...time after time it's always the same thing; they are so thankful for the dogs that have allowed them to give and receive love and to be vulnerable for the first time in years. Other guys said how much they love the responsibility because it's teaching them how to care about something bigger then them so that they can be better for the people who depend on them when they are released. Then the third and always my favorite they learn to work with people from different cultures, backgrounds, and race. They are bonded over the dogs and are allowed to drop the walls that prison forces them to put up in order to survive. This program is about rehabilitation- something every prison needs in order to be able to set these guys up for any type of success when they are released. Im so thankful to be a head trainer and part of this movement for a better future for both inmates and dogs. Thank you @k9behaviorcollege and @robertvillaneda for helping us today with the #caninegoodcitizen test! 🎉 This photo was taken by @shayanhathaway a few rounds ago but it's still one of my favorites I think it captures team work and vulnerability so perfectly. @marleysmutts @pawsitivechangeprogram
In our house, the cure for everything comes with furry paws. #hugsfromdogs #furbaby #daddysgirl #whorescuedwho #foxhoundsofinstagram #instahounds
Come ci aspettano loro Non ci aspetta nessuno.❤ #Aron #myhappiness #dog #whorescuedwho